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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 37-minutes long today, July 22.

Topics covered are listed below.

  • Biden Whitehouse talking about making vaccinated people wear masks.
  • Biden’s CNN Town Hall is a complete mess, why would 80 million people vote for him?
  • Biden lies about COVID.


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  1. I blame the stupidity of the American people for following these so-called “politicians” and “Fauci” along with the other idiots! Instead of following these people like sheep to slaughter what is wrong with them not use their own minds? This whole thing is biological warfare, not a vaccine—that’s one of the reasons it constantly changes and now they say you need to get more shots after getting your 2 shots that their shoving down your throat!!! People when are you going to wake up????????????

  2. As far as all the cases of COVID. Try not letting people that have it into our country illegally and spread them over the US so our citizens get infected

  3. Biden himself told us ahead of time that he had the most extensive fraud set up ever in the US and he still was allowed to get away with it. W?HY? HOW? He should be in jail not the White House.

  4. Be the smartest guy in the room that still believes 80 million people votes for Biden. Sounds like the opposite of smart.

  5. DML you don’t dare say Biden was elected due to a fraudulent election or the Deep Rig (book out by that name) because you hate being censored.

  6. Our whole government is crooked. How sad is this? The left hate Trump because he uncovered it all. All so very sad for America! If they won so biggly why do they protest so much!

  7. They didn’t. But they didn’t join us at protests in the state capitals or in Washington on Jan. 6, either, so this is what we get!

  8. 80 million voters didnt vote for this clown. Remember,its not how many votes are counted,its who counts the votes. This clown sounds like alphabet soup everytime he opens his mouth,not to mention whenever he speaks,next day he backpedals….its embarrassing….

    • From what little I saw leading up to Election night and in the aftermath, how the courts could not see the blatant fraud is mind-boggling! Pure hatred for President Trump because he has the audacity to put America first and Make America Great always! And he did all rather selflessly — he never took his Presidential salary and wound up losing personal wealth all the while congresspeople as well as average everyday citizens benefited during his first term.

  9. 80 million people didn’t vote for Biden… it was all rigged rigged rigged to get him elected. It is not difficult to figure that out when Trump had Rally’s the size of Texas and Biden rarely left his basement. Please let’s not pretend anymore that Biden had all those people vote for him. He didn’t. Period.

  10. Well DML, im still believing 80 mill didnt vote for biden, n democrats are SOOO afraid the truth will n is coming out about this election.. The LOOK OVER THERE NOTHING TO SEE HERE bullshit is coming to an end….Dude, it was a rigged stolen election.

  11. I wish the Nazi liberals would get out of our FREE COUNTRY. Move to China or Cuba fools. We don’t want your radical change.

  12. They didn’t vote for him! That’s why they are trying to do everything in their power to stop these audits! They printed ballots and re-ran existing ballots. I wonder why they heavenly prosecuted these ballot workers they caught doing this? They are trying to make Jan 6 into something it’s not. They be are prosecuting Americans as to make it seem bigger than it was. Stay tuned because the truth is about to be exposed. They say their was NO ELECTION FRAUD hoping stupid Americans believe them. WE KNOW THE TRUTH AND BIDEN IS A THIEF and the most corrupt administration is investigating CORRUPT. You can’t make this crap up!

    • Becsuse in most cases it would apparently be racist to prosecute them for their own treasonous actions. That would cause more Antifa and BLM city burnings. OMG How can we stop it. Simple answer snipers targeting anyone starting a fire, throwing molotov cocktails, or threatening LEOs. If they occupy blocks use the guard to remove them with extreme prejudice if necessary. Take our example from the Chinese government in Tiananmen square. Lets learn from the liberals and their masters.


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