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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 33-minutes for July 15.

In the free version of the podcast, DML offers commentary about the death of Ashley Babbitt. She died at the Capital on January 6. Shot by a cop, we still remain in the dark as to who pulled the trigger.

Also in the free version is the Wuhan virus (aka Covid-19) and how the conspiracy calls are now turning out to be true. DML talks about the next conspiracy set to be determined true, which is the 2020 election.

For members of, the podcast also includes incredibly commentary about Hunter Biden and his new career selling his art for $500k. DML also discussed what Americans need to do to stop the Titanic-like implosion of America.


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  1. I wish to hell that at least 75 million or more of us had the ability to scream to the heavens that we KNOW TRUMP WON! What can people do DML? We feel powerless with all the evil things the Democrats do and have to watch it happen. What can be done?

  2. President Trump Sir lets just get those jack axxes out of there. We kno they are all just forking liers always have been always will be. We the People need Our Country back without the jack axxes


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