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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 33-minutes for June 16.

Russia President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden went face to face today, and the big news is Joe Biden didn’t fall asleep. The other news is even more troubling. Some members of the US press corp were roughed up by Russian officials. Biden saw it all happen but he did nothing to stop it.

Also in the free version of the DML Podcast, DML discusses the border and Trump is visiting Texas later this month at the request of Gov. Abbott. DML explains why this happening, and the upside it could have.

For members, the show also includes DML’s commentary on the Biden administration’s call for Americans to report on friends and family who have been “radicalized.” In other words, if you talk about the Constitution you better watch out.

Also covered is a story about the US labor shortage. DML explains how it will impact the US economy. And last but not least, DML gives the truth about the rumor suggesting Trump will be put back in office on Aug 15. He also reveals a big event taking place tonight at 8pm EST.


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  1. If it was CNN or MSDNC all I can say be careful what you wish!!! Most of cable new has been bullying anyone who dares to disagree with them. They could learn a valuable lesson, but I’m afraid all that’s going to come from it is “Putin bad…orange man bad!”

  2. The US Press has been getting away with this stuff for years. The last administration was getting a handle on it with WH press corps suspensions, etc. This administration colluded with the press to get their mutual message out. The press is not in charge of a press conference. The people holding the conference are. In this case the Swiss were trying to get reporters to line up and exit in an orderly manner but they were being disorderly. These summits are high security affairs and the press needs to remember that!

  3. Biden actually LAUGHED. What a wuss. A sellout. Treasonous pos. Traitor. Note the body language…Putin wide open saying ‘s*ck this’ & JoeyB legs crossed tight ‘please don’t hurt me’.


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