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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 28-minutes for this Monday, June 7.

DML returns to the microphone after taking a week off.   He announced to TeamDML that going forward the TeamDML paying members will get his full one-hour program, and the audio listeners will get an abbreviated version for free.  The free version will always be less than 30-minutes.

In this abbreviated program DML speaks about Dr. Fauci and how he has helped destroy so many facets that made America great.

He then speaks about the young 6-year boy who was killed last month by two thugs who were arrested today.  DML gets emotional over the boy’s death and explains what he thinks needs to be done with the killers.

He ends by reading an email from a listener, and announcing a DML CBD GUMMY CHEWS deal like never before.


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  1. The USA is a mess because of Femocrat.. media.. Deep State.. Big Tech.. China.. a stolen rigged election. The list goes on and in and will never change unless the above mentioned are destroyed. Period

  2. I will be 64 on the 22 of this month and DML I totally agree with everything you said in this pod cast like all the others I have listened to. I have two adult kids a daughter and son and three step children my wife and I are up their butts all the time. They know right from wrong and I thank God they are all good human beings. Where are the parents of these monsters?? Just want to end with this. Rest in peace little one God loves you. My heart go’s out to the family

  3. Fauci initiated a political playbook that was backed by ZERO SCIENCE. We have clearly seen the method of Fauci’s decision making.

    At this point, Fauci’s direction crippled our nation for NOTHING MORE THAN POLITICAL GAIN. The masks, the vaccine, the made-up death toll, all of it was a complete sham designed to overthrow our government and cripple our nation.

    Who wasn’t crippled???? States that didn’t listen to the nonsense. Thank God for Republican Governors that used their brains.

  4. DML, just a big Thank you! You are one great guy with a huge heart. Your love for our country shines and is a bright spot for so many of us. We love you and look forward to getting through these hard times together. Thank you from a faithful follower/listener… Lisa

  5. Too many morons in public office. We need to have massive reforms that institute competency and aptitude testing and requirements for elected officials. That’s the true epidemic!!! Way worse than any virus.


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