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The Dennis Michael Lynch podcast on Tuesday is one hour, packed with DML’s commentary on many of the important headlines for today.

DML weighed in on the horrific mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado on Monday, noting that many details were still unknown.

Also included in Tuesday’s podcast is information on Biden’s new plan for a massive spending bill, one city that has approved a reparations plan, another city that’s spending millions on grants for the Arts and on illegal aliens instead of the homeless, and a high school senior banned from singing the National Anthem.

At the end of his podcast on Tuesday, DML shared a moving story from a personal experience that will touch the heart of every listener.  Don’t miss this one – listen below:

WATCH the powerful documentary film, “They Come to America IV: The cost of politics.” This is the fourth documentary by filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch on the impact, costs and causes of illegal immigration and this time he goes deeper into many of the hidden aspects and dangers that no other media outlet is discussing. Click on the link below to watch the entire film – FREE.


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  1. Dennis the shooter is not white. He’s of Syrian descent and a Muslim.

    His brother said he is very antisocial and paranoid. Also he is possibly sexually frustrated because apparently he had been complaining a lot about not having a girlfriend.

  2. DML, I really look forward every day to your podcast and Facebook lives. I new NOTHING about politics before I found you 🙂
    Thank you for doing this. God bless your family 😊

  3. DML- loved the story in your podcast. It is a VERY good reminder to be kinder to people, because everyone is fighting some kind of battle. Also- a great reminder to stop and smell the roses. I can get very whipped up in politics etc. and forget to enjoy my life
    Thank you ♥️


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