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The one-hour Dennis Michael Lynch podcast on Wednesday provides thought-provoking commentary you don’t want to miss.

DML covered the horrific mass shooting at a Boulder, Colorado grocery store, in which 10 people were killed on Monday, and weighed in on the narratives pushed by the left, as they first railed against white people, and then renewed their push for gun control.

DML also briefly discussed the latest Black Lives Matter attack on a grocery store, and said this is nothing more than domestic terrorism.


DML’S daily podcasts are based largely off the DML morning news briefings. For additional details, click the link below:

DML Morning Briefing Wed. Mar. 24: Dems pushing for gun control, radical election bill, and more…

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  1. Clinton’s, Bushes, Obama took this country backwards after all the good Reagan did.
    Trump was the first since Reagan to move the country forward.
    Now Biden and his cronies just plain want to destroy this country.

  2. You know when there are democrats running the White Houses there seems to be someone doing mass shooting. all the time when Trump was in the W.H You didn’t hear it.

  3. We have guns to protect ourselves from Muslims and DemoRats! Our forefathers knew better than these idiots of today. THANKS dennis!!


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