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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for Friday, March 26, is 50 minutes long and well worth a listen!

DML discusses Joe Biden’s disastrous first press conference on Thursday – and also points out one rare moment in which he actually agrees with Biden.

“The list of problems we face right now as a country is humongous,” DML said, as he explained why the question of whether Biden will run for re-election shouldn’t have even been asked. He condemned Biden for his disastrous press conference, along with the dangerous policies and decisions of his administration.

DML repeated his personal conviction that former President Donald Trump can be most effective as a ‘kingmaker’ now, instead of running for president again himself.

He also addressed a comment made by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday about Trump.

Sesame Street has jumped on the ‘racial justice’ movement, as they introduced two Black Muppets this week as part of its initiative to teach children “The ABC’s of Racial Literacy.” You don’t want to miss DML’s commentary on this segment!

LISTEN to the full podcast below, then please hit the share button on this article!

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  1. Great podcast today Dennis!
    God Bless you and your family for all the good things that you do. A lot of us appreciate it.

  2. I picked up on that comment too. Actually, Democrats are on track to annihilate the Republican party. We’ll be under a one-party totalitarian rule if H.R. 1 passes. The 2020 election was rigged. Allowing them to desecrate our election system with impunity sealed our fate. Republicans need DeSantis because they need Florida. If we can win at all, we can’t win without Florida. DeSantis is needed where he sits.


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