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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is the audio version of a Facebook LIVE program DML held on the morning of March 11.  The podcast is less than one-hour.

DML is off this week.  Thus, his normally scheduled daily podcast will pick up again on Monday of next week, March 15.

In this podcast, DML speaks about the issues at the border and how Americans can do their part to push back again illegal immigration.

DML also highlights how he only hires American workers and explains the benefits of doing such a thing.

Finally, DML provides insight into the latest BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer at


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  1. Most of us knew what would happen at the border when the socialists took over. The problem will be alleviated when we cut off welfare services to illegals. The hundreds of thousands of illegal children at the border are not going to join the workforce. They will be fully supported by US taxpayers, as will the majority of women coming here illegally. We aren’t seeing single men come here to work in the big numbers we’ve seen previously, the vast majority of the invasion are women and children. The issue isn’t employers as much as it is welfare. Women from Central America don’t work outside the home. It’s their culture. They have kids, lots of them, and we’ll be raising those kids. I don’t have an issue with workers, illegal or otherwise. Free-loaders are our real problem.


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