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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 52-minutes on this March 15.

The podcast was launched on Facebook LIVE because the VIMEO video platform was not working on on Monday.

In the podcast DML speaks about the Nancy Pelosi interview on Sunday with ABC NEWS. In the interview she blames Trump for the border crisis. She also blames Climate Change.

DML’s podcast may sound a bit choppy due to Facebook’s digital conversion methods. We apologize.

The offer remains in place today.


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  1. So fed up with this stupidity and bull. We know who to blame for the crisis at the border. It started with Obama and Biden not doing a flipping thing. Trump inherited it and started building the wall. Now Biden and the Democrats want opened borders. It’s very evident that none of them care about this country and we the people.

  2. Thats all they know is lie and blame. Trying being honest, and say we fked up. You get more respect for telling the truth, than being complete liars.

  3. Trump made the border stronger and safer for Americans. We all know that Pelosi and the Dems don’t give a shit about citizens.

  4. If I am not mistaken wasn’t it Obummer who started the border crisis, I believe it was by the train loads. Trump had it fixed. Then along came the corrupt, fixed election and we ended up with Biden(puppet of Nancy and Kamala) who quit building the wall and more or less invited illegals into our country. Illegals with Biden shirts hmmmm.

  5. I fear for Americans! They don’t understand that these invaders can be very dangerous . If I post my experience dealing with these alien crooks because my Uncle decided to get involved with one, Facebook throws me in jail for 30 days. We must not use people or businesses who hire these crooks. That’s all we can do and yes we still have power of the purse! Boycott Hawaii, it’s disgusting and filled with liberals.


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