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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 53-minutes in length on this Tuesday, March 16.

In his podcast, DML focuses on a new report stating terrorists are entering via the open southern border. This report is in line with statements from Republican lawmakers.

DML also covers the Biden tax plan and how it will hurt Americans.

He closes the program speaking about kids getting back to school amid the crazy efforts to keep students separated by 3 feet.

He also explains the DML CBD GUMMY CHEW buy one get one free deal at


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  1. I’m very aware of how tax hikes will hurt all of us. I also, know that the Democrats like open borders and only care about how much money they can get. They have never cared about this country and the American people. As a Native Texan I know this. Don’t mess with Texas. That’s the message that Governor Abbott has sent to Biden and the Democrats.

    • Biden refuses to even let Abbott go in and check out or look at the facilities these kids are being put in! Also no reporters or journalist or allowed! Our pres and his administration are illigitamite and have insurrected our government! Time to take it back!

  2. Unfortunately Abbott has proven to be a rhino. In the end he will bowed down the democratic evil China and bill gates own much land in Texas He already flip flopped many times during the planademic

    The democrats/devil/washington/elite scum illuminati have been the demise of America for decades maybe centuries. They are way ahead of this game and they WILL destroy America and we will be under communism/globalism /UN then the antichrist ( he is alive and well and you probably know him ) control . This is all in the Bible and its going to get much worst
    We won’t even recognize America at the end of this very year. Demonrats are moving very fast and furious
    If you don’t know Jesus Christ now would be a good time to get meet him

    • If H.R 1 passes, elections are over. Our votes won’t bring change. The bill legalizes all “individuals” the right to vote. Since ID is not required and the feds will control all state election laws, non-citizens will vote, felons, and minors under 18. You can vote in areas outside your registered address, and the best part, ballots can not be checked for “validity”. Mass mail-in ballots to everyone 16 and over, I believe. Same-day voter registration, and should anything end up in court, the DC liberal circuit will handle all election issues. This bill is as bad as striking down the Constitution in its entirety, which is coming soon. Trump won’t commit to running again because he knows all this. He just doesn’t want to scare the hell out of us.

    • Hello, I have hope for America, and I am a Christian. Read “Paradise Restored”, by David Chilton. And 2nd Chronicles 7:14, where God is speaking to His church. We have been silent for too long! In Ecclesiastes, scripture says “There is a time to be silent. And there is a time to speak!” Now is that time! It also says “there is a time for war, and a time for Peace.” I hope it doesn’t come to war, but I know that God doesn’t like cowards. I’m not calling you a coward! I don’t know you, but when the Israelites were going into the promised land to take it, they got scared, cos they saw the giants. So, they drew back! God punished them, and told them” Don’t you know I am with you!” It is time for us, as a church to unite, speak up! And fight for righteousness. After all….God is with us! I implore you to check out Doug Giles, and his podcast, “Warriors and Wildmen” The apostles were real men, and very brave. And Jesus….he was the bravest!


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