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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is one-hour long on March 17.

The podcast focuses completely on the rule of law and the importance of policing.

DML interviews Sheriff Eric Flowers of Indian River County, which is located on the east coast of Florida. DML starts off by explaining the burglary that took place at his home weeks ago and how the Sheriff’s team addressed the crime, caught the criminals, and will now prosecute the wrong doers. Amazed by the diligence of the Sheriff and his team, DML requested the podcast interview.

Sheriff Eric Flowers

For one hour, DML and Flowers exchange ideas and thoughts about the importance of the rule of law and cracking down on all crimes, big and small.

Flowers also expresses his feelings about the war on police, and the crazy lawlessness we see unfolding in cities like Portland.   He and DML also speak about the illegal immigration issue and how law enforcement at the border is being destroyed by the Biden administration.

This is an interview you don’t want to miss.

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  1. DML, no disrespect meant here, but it takes you moving to Florida from N.Y. and having a theft from your vehicle to make you wake up to the reality to this type of crime? LOL! As a retired Cop, I can say this happens everywhere in the U.S.! NEVER leave valuables in your car and ALWAYS lock your vehicle (and your house, too!). Kudos to Sheriff Eric Flowers and his Dept. for handling this case so professionally and solving it so quickly! Sadly, not all Police Dept’s have the manpower to assign detectives to more minor cases like this!

    • With no disrespect meant here, but you must not have been a detective. Had you listened to the top of the story you’d see I am fully aware of the possibility of such a crime.

  2. Dennis, in Montana, no crime goes unnoticed. Law Enforcement is real where I live and I’m grateful to all these men and woman who risk their lives everybody to protect the innocent. Enjoy sunny Florida!


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