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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 50-minutes long on this Wednesday, March 3.

The program begins with DML highlighting a report about National Guard troops being fed uncooked food at the nation’s capital.  He then transitions into stories taking shape at the border, including a report from NBC News that claims illegal aliens are being released into the US despite having been tested positive for COVID-19.

As if the opening stories were not troubling enough, DML reads a report that claims babies are racists.  Yup! Even if the baby is just 3-months old, the report says the babies prefer white people.  This story dovetails into a video played by DML.  The video shows a young child being taught the “GayBC’s.”  That’s not a joke.  No more ABC’s, instead it’s the GayBC’s.

DML’s podcast is a must listen today.  And he announces the buy one get one program for DML CBD GUMMY CHEWS at


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  1. Who ARE these woke people who have nothing better to do than trash EVERYTHING with their hatred??#!
    What about all the white political elites on the democratic party that don’t seem to get trashed??#!
    Doesn’t that tell us it is THEY are the ones behind leading this division??#!#

  2. Oh plz!!! Those are innocent babies!!! I have seen some children who are afraid of Santa Claus because of the beard. Also another example, a father wear beard for long time since the baby was born. Then he decides to shave . Of course the baby don’t recognize him. Because their brains are still developing and learning.

  3. The National Guard is there to eventually start making arrests on the democrats! Their laptops were stolen with so much incriminating evidence! They are shaking in their boots!

  4. These people are too dumb and it’s pointless to try and rationalize with any of them. Always will be the victim no matter what

  5. I did cry at the end of your segment with that insidious induction of this little boy and the GayBCs. That is so wrong. Like you said, this poor baby does not have a fighting chance. I had said in a previous comment about there being something to be said for the Equality Act but it was only in the interest that all people of this country are not discriminated against, no matter what. But that is not what it’s going to be about and these past few days even have proven it. Dr. Suess. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Babies are racist at 3months. Saying we are not racist makes us racist. All of it made me want to cry, the shut down of our country and mask orders while anyone can come into This great Country and jeopardize the vulnerable, take our jobs that are already in decline and get priority treatment our own citizens do not get. Finally, that our military cannot even get a decent meal to defend our Country – defending it in WA DC! It’s a horribly sad joke and anyone listening here is likely not laughing. God bless and please stop this madness.

  6. “Convention of States” and we may be able to take back our country by state power.
    Please if you love this country check it out. Also, Patriot Academy.


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