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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is one-hour long for May 12.

DML opens with insightful commentary about the GOP removing Rep Liz Cheney from her power position in the Republican Party.

DML discusses the border situation and the eye-popping number of illegal aliens apprehended in April.

DML reads comments from listeners who disagree with him over support for DeSantis 2024.


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  1. I don’t believe it’s solely because she’s anti Trump. There’s other people who are anti Trump in congress. It’s just the fact that she’s completely out of touch with the GOP base.

  2. Now you surely don’t believe that that’s going to hurt President Trump at all. I’m really questioning how much you support President Trump by the post you put on last night and now this question.

  3. Her son is to hurt but we never had it so good under Trump. We struggled under Bush/ Cheney so we don’t want another Traitor anyhow..This clown we have now is destroying this country fast. We are being invaded & broken down’! Bye, Adios & go join Polosi..she’s next.

  4. Nick Freitas is a member of the House of Delegates in Virginia. I’ve followed him since following Dennis…like Dennis, he puts politics/life in perspective.
    Nick Freitas —
    I have grown to despise the term “Our Democracy” not just because it fails to acknowledge that we are actually a Constitutional Republic, but because it completely misses what the “American experiment” was really about.

    The real debate at our founding was not simply “how will we select who governs us” but rather, “what is the proper role of government in a free society”. The reason why this is so important is that the fundamental nature of the debate was about protecting individual liberty.

    An all-power government, democratically elected, can be just as much a threat to freedom as a dictatorship. The objective was not to establish a “democracy” with a government that could do whatever it wanted provided there was a majority vote, but a limited construction that articulated clear authorities and responsibilities while limiting the scope of government power.

    Therefore the fundamental question was how to maximize individual liberty while maintaining order and providing for the common defense, not simple majority rule.

    Democracy may be a better way of determining who represents us concerning the execution of legitimate functions of government, but it is a horrible way to decide most things that actually affect us throughout the course of our lives.

    For instance, when you go to a restaurant, you don’t want all of the patrons to “vote” on what everyone will have for dinner. You want to make your own choices based on personal preferences.

    In short, genuine freedom is about being able to “pursue happiness” in accordance with YOUR definition of it, provided you are not infringing on the rights of others to do the same, not merely the selection of elected officials.

    The uniqueness of the American experiment is not about “democracy” or “majority rules”, but rather limiting the power and scope of government to a set of enumerated powers, executed by the people’s democratically elected representatives, with an emphasis on protecting individual liberty AND personal responsibility.

  5. Hi DML,
    I listen to you, Dan Bongino and the x22 Report. I would like to hear what you have to say about the x22 reports and their validity/truths. Dave ties so many things together with regards to the moves/decisions that Trump and the Patriots have already done/fulfilled.

  6. We have Vernon Jones running for gov in GA, kemp is a coward and a traitor. We need to try and get these frauds out but all of us know the ones with dominion machine codes control elections, the sos in swing states know the states did not oversee election machines … dominion did and so did many foreign countries.
    I don’t believe Cheney will hurt much, she is about like mctraitor who is trying to act like he cares.. his loyalty never has been with this country.
    DeSantis is great, I love his courage but a lot of people didn’t like his immigration stance before and that could be big problem. DeSantis might be a good president..a very good one based on his respect for our constitution but… this country is far beyond lost and it will take someone feared by foreign nations to undo damage. I believe DeSantis could do it but now is not the right time to see if other countries might or might not fear him, we need someone back in that is feared for certain.
    This being said I feel Trump was wrong not to declare martial law and not to have let Powell handle things like she needed to. Maybe Trump was in shock over being blamed for Jan 6 but if he was sure beyond doubt he won he should have stayed. Yes things would have gotten very very bad but aren’t they that bad now ???? At least his supporters wouldn’t be hearing about the new militia that is to deal with all of us domestic white anti bozo ho haters.


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