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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for May 20 is 45-minutes long.

DML opens with an array of news stories. He discusses former Trump attorney, Mike Cohen, and the statements he made on MSNBC about the 45th president and his kids going to jail.

DML then discusses the House voting to investigate the events at the Capital on January 6. He then dives into a story about Biden and the border.

DML closes the program with a very thought-provoking analysis about race in America. The must hear commentary is inspired by the recent anti-white, racists comments made by the black mayor of Chicago.

DML also reminds everyone about the final days of the buy one get one free deal on


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  1. Absolutely. With so many hate crimes against whites it’ll be hard not to. Blaming it on just the corrupt in the WH has done nothing. They are taking advantage of the bigotry pushed by Democrats to the point of beatings of white Americans and even the MURDER of innocent white children.

  2. Of course people will start to recent the black people. I said before and I’ll say it again, we the people of America have had enough of all of the BS and it will stop one way or another! If the Democrats won’t stop bringing up white supremacy we will have no choice but to defend ourselves and then we will have a war whites against others. This is America and the white population is dominant in the United States population.

  3. Exactly what the lemming demoncrates want, fits the narrative and diverts attention away from their true agenda. They know what groups they can control and why else do you continue to hear the “white supremacy” discussion

  4. I don’t know what was said about resenting black people but to me that’s really dumb. I have black friends, Asian, Mexican and even Iranian that was working here for a time oh put Indian from India on that list. It’s not a matter of race for me but rather are you a good person or bad person? I love my friends and unless they end up going against the law and America I will keep my friends. I will also keep my daughter in law since as she is Colombian. I met her when she spoke very little English. So I think people would be better off not even talking about it. My friends and I don’t go around talking about race with one another. It’s a dumb question to even discuss. We chose not to be in the BLM, Antifa movement. We aren’t going to steal or burn down things. We are just trying to make a living and enjoying life and each other. Crazy thinking this crap. If people and media stop giving these groups so much credence they would go away.

    • Carol
      The Media needs the ratings. Controversy and lies is what the media survived. That’s how people like Racheal Maddow and Geraldo make many millions! It will never stop.

  5. White people already do because the black voices, that sadly don’t represent black people well, have created a hatred by falsely labeling every white person as racist when we see the same black voices being the racists. It’s sad. Everyone should just be labeled as Americans but the black voices are driving the hatred and divide. Now our government and administration have jumped on the band wagon and made it worse.

  6. This type of behavior has gone on for years. Enough is enough. Democrats have been saying and playing this card for one simple reason. CONTROL!!! None speaks for anyone but our own self. I have never resented anyone for the things they have or for the color of their skin. Everyone I know and I meet is treated with dignity and respect. I follow the Golden Rule as I was taught.
    Everyone needs to do the same. To the ones who hate what this country stands for. Resign and leave.

  7. Count me out! That is exactly what the libtards want. I for one won’t play their Satan games! Jesus hung on the cross for us all. ALL LIVES MATTER!

    • I push back as much as I can. With where I work, I could be targeted by this administration for being an “extremist” for pushing back too much. I’m married to a white woman and I’ll be damned if I let someone disrespect her in anyway for any reason. I don’t give a damn if our skin color is the same or not. My people are not black people, my people are like minded people. Like minded folks of all colors.

      I don’t like the black folks that are contributing to this problem, including Lightfoot. In fact I don’t like any lefties regardless of color. I don’t want to live around them and I don’t want them influencing my children with CRT.

      That being said, I believe everyone in this thread has a right to defend themselves if someone gets the bone headed idea of attacking them simply because they are white just as I would defend myself against someone who was actually a racist.

      Please don’t let these idiots dictate who you are as an American because I won’t let them pressure me under any circumstances and trust me, they probably hate me even more than they hate you guys, lol. Black, conservative, married to white a girl? Most of my black friends and associates are like me, not these black CRT, blame whitey types.

  8. Yes I’m very resentful of all the commercials now with black actors it’s disgusting that white actors are now on the back burner and can’t get jobs. Unacceptable and way overboard. I’m thinking of banning these products with blacks as the spokesperson. It’s too much and too fast. Let’s even the playing field.

  9. Yep. Cancel culture in reverse is picking up speed. White folks that are not racist, and never have been, are sick and tired of being accused of it!
    The powers in charge know this. They’re doing it on purpose to divide the county! We must all focus on what we know in our hearts, communicate with love, and not let the manipulations divide or control our thoughts and behaviors!

  10. They complained they were not treated well in stores! So they used violence to get their message across! Now they will be looked at even worse when they enter a store! We don’t trust them that they will get violent, destroy the business , burn it down! Violence never sovles anything, it just makes it worse for them!

  11. I still support Trump! I don’t give a crap what anyone says. He was a great President in my opinion. Just look what’s going on now with dimwit Biden in charge. He’s destroying our country and ought to be impeached. The sooner the better. The fact that he could bring our country together couldn’t be further from the truth. He doesn’t represent my values at all so how is he supposed to unite us? If you know I’d love to hear it. Just saying.

  12. It’s already happening….not future tense. The Dems and liberals aren’t smart enough to know that reverse discrimination is not a solution? Violent, racist BLM and Antifa burning, looting, destruction makes us love and respect them? And don’t forget, one afternoon of rioting in DC was worse than their months of their destruction. It is unrealistic that the black population is less than 20%, but they are going to be in over half of the commercials and TV shows and want to make up over half of the politicial offices and more? That is NOT equality. They have all kinds of events, organizations, universities etc. labeled “black this” and “black that”, and put first for farmer financial assistance and vaccination lines, etc. Sounds like “privileged” to me. Blacks are responsible for largest crime rates against blacks and Asians. Our minority Dem Congress people are racists against Jews. Unity is next to impossible now. Time to split the Union…..the Left on the left and the Right on the right.

  13. No white people don’t resent black folks. They are trying to make a living, raising their families just like us WHO we do resent are scum bags like BLM who lie and take advantage of them with big lie so they can stuff their pockets with Soros $$$ in the name of fake racism that Antifa thugs too!
    Marxism in the name of blacks to exploit them. BLM blows

  14. It’s time to equally start facing off in exactly like fashion against all of this progressive B——-IT — CONSERVATIVES need to start bashing back in the exact same manner with the exact same tactics or it’s simple folks — (face the consequences and lose big time simple as that) — and honestly folks it’s going to feel way worse than losing it’s going feel worse than having your face pushed into S–T FOREVER.
    That’s my opinion — mark my words all of you already finding out what it feels like — just saying.


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