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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for May 3 is 37-minutes long.

DML explains what he calls THE PERFECT STORM. It’s the combination of Biden’s border, Biden’s incentive to make Americans lazy, and Biden’s tax plan. DML explains how the US could be headed into a depression.

DML touches other topics, including Rudy’s new friend, and the new UFO recordings that cannot be ignored.

DML also announces the largest BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer at



  1. The only problem is this. Those same corporations that benefitted off the Trump tax screwed Trump in the election. Major Corporations played heavily in this stolen election. Maybe more than some but they all knew what was happening. I hope Biden screws them unmercifully! But then…they will remove him and put in Harris. lol lol Then she will pull a Venezuela and take their Corp.s!!! Now I am really laughing! This of course will be the end of our beloved country!!

  2. He wants to be FDR but instead will be like Woodrow Wilson plus be cause of the depreseion not the solution.


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