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In the Dennis Michael Lynch podcast on Monday, DML provided an update on a donation the DML Foundation will be making to Veteran Warriors, a veterans advocacy organization founded by Navy veteran Lauren Price, 56, who passed away on March 30, after struggling for years with a deadly lung disease she contracted while serving in Iraq.

The $10,000 donation was made possible by the tremendous number of loyal DML CBD customers, as a portion of every sale goes into the DML Foundation.

DML also weighed in on the following news reports:

  • Joe and Jill Biden omit mentioning Jesus during Easter address, pushed “vaccine” four times and “virus” twice
  • Skyrocketing crime, as cities that slashed police funding now inundated by spike in homicides
  • Calgary church pastor’s video confrontation with police goes viral
  • Charles Barkley calls out politicians for fueling hatred between whites and blacks ‘to keep their grasp on money and power’
  • Facebook announces ‘profile project’ with Biden administration

LISTEN to the entire, powerful podcast below, then hit the share button!

NEWS ALERT: Retired Navy veteran and advocate Lauren Price has died [DML releases statement]

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  1. Bamboozled is putting it mildly! American Governance has WAY FAR Overstepped the boundary of their service in those Government JOBS! Americans do NOT need an evil nurse maid to tell us what to do! The CRAP they try to dish on US Needs to STOP NOW! April 5, 2021 Thanks DML, still finding the joy with Jesus in focus! Amen.

  2. I have followed you for a few years now. Charles Barkley-what a wonderful statement. My feelings at this point in time..DML you mentioned minorities..We are all minorities. Minority has nothing to do with skin color. It is We the People are the minority. The government think they can rule us when we pay them. Time to stand up and tell elected politicians they will no longer be able to spend taxpayers how they will spend OUR money. If the politicians aren’t paid what money are they going to spend? I have more questions then I have answers. Big time for change. Mike Lindell has his own platform,,Frank..DJT is working on his own platform…The politicians will NEVER shut we the people up.

  3. That’s a lovely thought, but communist regimes don’t allow dissent. They will keep an iron fist stranglehold on all 50 states, and won’t release their death grip without a bloody revolt.


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