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In the Dennis Michael Lynch podcast on Monday, DML weighed in on two hot topics – Covid ‘passports’ and Dr. Fauci’s latest suggestion.

Fox Business reported on Monday: Along with private technology and travel companies, the Biden administration is working to develop credentials – referred to as passports, health certificates or travel passes – showing proof of vaccination as individuals and businesses emerge from lockdown.

New York just became the first state to introduce a vaccine passport program. But the Biden administration is wanting to take it nationwide.

Also, Dr. Anthony Fauci declared in an interview on Sunday that vaccinated parents still need to worry about their children becoming infected while playing with other kids, and said, “When the children go out into the community, you want them to continue to wear masks when they’re interacting with groups or multiple households.”

DML blasted both reports, and shared a personal story of his own, explaining what happened when a furniture store insisted he wear a mask in order to shop there last week.

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  1. Any way he can bring our country to its knees is his and his evil Democrats plan. They do not want better for American citizens but want POWER! The wrong questions are being asked. We should be asking WHY and holding them accountable but the GOP have no guts like Trump says. No guts at all!!!

  2. How can you declare a vaccine passport when the vaccine is still in the trial stage until 2023. You can not force people to vaxx with an experimental “vaccine”
    That breaks the Nuremberg code.
    Dems love breaking the law.

    • They don’t even need proper ID. Last I heard, just a paper stating when their immigration hearing is. That gets them on the plane, compliments of US taxpayers.

  3. I think this is near the end times. If you aren’t sure if you are saved you need to ask God to forgive your sins and accept that Jesus died for those sins. Ask him that the Holy Spirit guides your days. Everything that is happening is in the Bible. Go to YouVersion Bible and download the app., it’s free. Choose the version “the message.” Choose any book of the Bible and hit the arrow and it will read it to you where you will understand it.

  4. Hmmmm if they refuse identification as a means to legally vote but expect a passport indicating you been legally poisoned there is something drastically wrong here. The dumbing down of America continues and the minion lines are getting longer.

  5. Bidum thinks he’s God, and Faucey is a little POS weasel, never did trust him. Why doesn’t he do the stats and show how many kids are being affected. The numbers are low. Its all about control. These people don’t realize that it’s only a matter of time and someone or group are going to snap, and they will be dismissed from this life.

  6. My kids and grandkids are not getting the vaxx, 1- experimental, 2- do not know long term effects? 3- no liability on drug companies, 4- RNA unit may be a cancer causer long term, 5- DNA may cause sterility. So you guys take it , I’m not. I do not wear a mask for several reasons also, 1- germy! 2- holds germs in but it does not prevent vaccine from penetrating. 3- may impact your oxygen saturation, lower it!! 4- it impacts your immune system, it actually lowers it so you can get sick. So walk around with your mask,, YOU ARE STUPID!!!!!!

  7. Some have to have a COVID passport to travel or participate in things in our country but we don’t need an ID to vote? Illegals don’t need a passport to be here or do anything they want so how much sense does this make? Enough sense for the liberals to be happy, I guess.

  8. I haven’t worn a mask all thru this bullshit pandemic and I haven’t even had a case of sniffles! This is all about controlling the people and sorry to say, no one controls me. I have no intention of wearing a damn mask, now or ever!!!

  9. Dennis, Classic Furniture in Vero Mall has coastal furniture for all your rooms and a mask is not needed. Hope this helps you! Good luck with your new home and happy shopping. A vaccine passport is ridiculous and hopefully people will speak up about it!

  10. I thought you didn’t have to wear your mask in FL or wear it much less than in other states. The furniture store story surprised me. The covid passes are starting to be done in other countries, too, I think. It is a planned thing and has been in the works. Why aren’t more people questioning all of this stuff going on? Why aren’t more people challenging these EO’s Biden is signing?

  11. Glad it was you and NOT fb that xsponged your earlier posted video today March 29, 2021 There are some very concerning things happening with Government the past year and a few months, obviously it was all in the works for years! No vaccine for me! I just got a letter from ATT my internet provider, that was very concerning too!

  12. The COVID vaccine does NOT prevent the recipient from contracting coronavirus nor does it prevent the vaccinated individual from spreading the virus if they have contracted it. The vaccine only serves to lighten the symptoms of COVID. The whole purpose of it is to keep people from dying from complications of the virus. Taking that into consideration, what’s the point of mandatory vaccinations for travel? It makes no sense. You can still contract it. You can still spread it. Vaccines do not create an invisible shield that protects the vaccine recipient and everyone else. It doesn’t work that way. Something else is going on here.

  13. DML, Those of us who have like thinking as you do, we must organize, unite in a cause to fight this attack on our freedoms!

  14. Has anyone (besides me) considered Covid may be a biological weapon used against us to ‘thin the heard’? We’ve already heard about ‘herd immunity’. If the U.S. lost enough citizens it would make room for all of the border crosses.


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