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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 56-minutes for this day, Nov 10.

The parents of US Marine Stuart Scheller joins DML to explain how terribly he is being treated.

Scheller on Aug 26 took to Facebook and shared his feelings about how the senior leaders of the Marines blew the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

He pleaded guilty last month in exchange for a honorable discharge, but now the Marines are not holding up their end of the deal, says Scheller’s parents.

The details can be heard below. LISTEN to the program or watch it on

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  1. What an abomination this is simply mindblowing and outrageous . So very sorry for his parents going through such unbelievable HELL. This is clearly NOT my America . May God help this Lt Colonel Sheller and his family .

  2. Big saludos for the Lt Col’s parents. These parents are absolutely amazing! My parents would never stand up for me like these awesome people.


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