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DMLNewsApp founder Dennis Michael Lynch released a new podcast on Tuesday, weighing in on the latest headlines surrounding the election, as President Trump contests the results of the presidential election.

DML said he feels confident that Republicans will be able to hold on to the U.S. Senate, but with each passing day, he is becoming more concerned on whether President Trump will be able to hold on to the White House.

LISTEN to his important commentary below:

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  1. Take a deep breath DML. Brush up on Constitutional Law, specifically concession of the POTUS. It’s just not going to happen. DJT will not concede. The Dems on FB are starting to look nervous. We are good🇺🇸🙏🏻

  2. Although I feel what you said is likely true…hearing it out loud was kind of a punch in gut. Thank you for all that you do!

    May God watch over us all and help us find our way through the roads we face ahead! ❤️🇺🇸

  3. Very depressing, doesn’t look good for us at all.
    4 years is a long time and the 2 evil corrupt people Biden and Harris and others will ruin the Nation.
    It’s not only America, it’s other countries.
    Very sad and God Help Us As We Will Need It.
    I keep thinking of the innocent babies that will be murdered by these evil soulless people, Biden will never ever be my President.

  4. You are scaring the hell out of me, Dennis! We cannot give up! We cannot let these people, these corrupt evil people take over the America that we love so dearly!

  5. Happy 245th Birthday Marines!!! President Trump has them where he wants them – just as Chesty Puller had the Chinese where the Marines wanted them at the Chosin Reservoir. When you are surrounded – you can attack in all directions. Trump 2020!!! It’s far from over!!

  6. I mean with all these corruption, you cannot expect miracle in less than a week? What happens to the snow Montana Story DML? Did you forget that story of 3:20 seconds left? So far on 20 seconds went bu. Still 3 .10 left

  7. Why don’t we tell people that we are over the Covid and it’s just the flu if you get sick!
    Use the plazibo affected!
    With the way are some are about suggestions, the COVID would disappear!!

  8. I completely disagree. If Trump stops or loses his cases, he will go to jail. The Democrats will do everything in there power to make sure this never happens again. They will make something up about him if they have to, but he will be in trouble. They will also go after his family. Stopping the fight would be the worse thing he could do. If he decided to concede now and he avoids the Democrats wrath, he will lose a ton of support. So a TV channel will not work out.

    Also, a Trump loss will be the end. No chance for the Republican Party or a 3rd party. They are a ton of people on the right that will never vote again. We will be under Democrat rule for a long time. They will get control of the senate in 2022 and they will have complete control.

  9. Thanks DML for the most disappointing pod cast! I guess you’re human but please……..🙄 If I want to hear bad news I’ll watch TV!!!!

  10. Dennis,

    Why are you being a sellout. Smh
    Disappears for a week and then all negative. Smh. Plugged your CBD though. I support you monthly

  11. Very depressing podcast. It sounds as if you have given up. I agree with the previous comments if I want depressing news I’ll just watch tv. We come here because you have told us to not give up the fight and now it sounds like you have thrown in the towel. Very disappointed.

  12. Look, we are not giving up and this is gods agenda anyway. President Trump is God’s man. I am Putting my faith and trust in God.

    • You’ve got it. God is in control. Look at all He is revealing. Patriots are not giving up, no matter what DML says. GOD will have His way, and we need to trust Him, no matter what!

  13. I did not get a chance to listen to the podcast today. I have ditched Facebook to join Parlor. I have been so inspired & in awe of the positive thoughts of the supporters of our President! FB sucks & censors me everyday. I have very positive vibes!

  14. I’m not even going to listen to this because after reading some of these comments I gather it’s a downer!! I can’t figure you out… u gave us hope that Trump was going to Win then when B is declared… u have no comment then u act like your on board again and now your off again. I for one am getting tired of it! We need Hope right Now!!!

    • Our hope is not in man (DML), but in the Lord. Man can be tossed to and fro when our faith waivers. I listen to War Room on Real America’s Voice.

  15. I still have about 5% hope that Trump will pull it out through the courts. However there are 5 or 6 states in Question of voter irregularities! You think all these states will allow a revote? How will they be able to weed out the fraudulent ballots from the correct ones? It is a potential mess that I predicted would happen with these mail-ins. There should only be where votes are submitted on election day. No mail-ins nor early voting —period!

  16. No offense what’s up are you throwing in the towel?
    See I don’t believe in the words give up! I came from a socialist country, we never gave up even tho they put us thru hell like The Vegetable Biden will if he wins which he is not.
    So that podcast was a total waste of my time. I will keep soldiering on, and you can keep giving up.
    Best Wishes Michael.

  17. I have 100% certainty that Trump will be re-elected. DML wake UP and go reposted your old podcast and the Joe Montana Story. 3:20 left starting from his own 3 yard line and 97 to go. Well. Trump legal team just started. We are only at the 10 yard time December 14 is far away. Stop being negative. And you are the one that want to run as president in 2024. Not gone happen with a weak give up attitude! WAKE UP DML

  18. Wow I didn’t watch because I read the comments first, but what a switch from a week ago. Are you saying that you have been wrong all along on this?

  19. I still have Faith and will never give up. God placed Trump in the White House to expose all of the ugly things going on in the country. I will continue to repent, pray, give thanks and let God fight this raging battle. It’s not over!

    • President Trump has never given up for us through all the crap the Left has put him through. Why would we ever give up on him now. Trust God, people

  20. Wow, I didn’t listen to the podcast. But based on the comments looks like you gave up. I listened to you for hope. Why the heck were you so sure Trump would win this fight and now you obviously took a quick change of opinion! For bad news I can go anywhere

  21. Dennis ,
    I don’t know where you are at…but, BLM here right outside Portland 🤢, are predominantly WHITE. It has nothing to do with blacks.
    Ok, they are there, but there are far more whites. It’s sad and funny at the same time.

  22. This podcast was depressing but I also think it was realistic. I’m not giving up hope yet! What ever happens, I believe something good will come from this.


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