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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is one hour today, Nov. 11.

DML weighs in on the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

Alec Lace joins DML to discuss some of the big crimes happening in USA.

Tiffany Justice gives insight on the craziness happening inside out schools.

Listen below, or watch the program on

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  1. 11-11 very intense show today.
    first of all girls now a days do not respect in return leads to many of the problems we are seeing today.
    the truth is my own children 2 boys
    19 and 24 can’t read or write in cursive, which has always annoyed me that they were not taught how. I’m am so glad my kids are done with school. If this was going on when my kids were in school I would be losing my mind. I can’t and don’t understand understand what the hell is going on in this world right now but we are in a very bad place. it is very discouraging
    to see this happening. I agree that social media is destroying our kids and pretty much every one. I can go on and on but I’m going to end with thanking you for all you do and for keeping us updated .
    love your show I look forward to listening to you every day.

  2. I was watching the trial live, and reading the comments that other viewers were posting. Someone commented “Kyle is a white supremacist.” I replied “Kyle is an American hero.” Within minutes, FB gave me a 30 day suspension. I appealed the suspension and soon received a denial stating my comment went against their rules. WTF???

  3. This was an AWESOME PODCAST! I look forward to it daily! I love Tiffany Justice Moms for Liberty 🗽 and Alec Lace from FIRST CLASS Fatherhood! Thank you DML 🇺🇲 FOR ALWAYS STANDING UP FOR AMERICA!


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