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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 65-minutes long for this Friday, Nov 12.

DML is joined with author and film producer Chris Fenton, who also serves as a frequent guest on Fox News, CNN, NPR and OAN.

Fenton gets into great detail about how the USA must come together in order to stop China from its position of world dominance.

From military to hacking, from COVID to supply chain, China is playing the USA like a violin and it has to stop warns Fenton.

DML asks all the questions you want answers to, and Fenton delivers the cold hard truth.

Listen on the player below, or got to to watch the program.

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  1. Someone needs to rid the earth of china. They want it all. You can start by not buying any of their 29 cent chinese imported shit. It’s all garbage.

  2. Absolutely wrong approach, to get distracted from our real goal and “come together” to go after foreign countries who have their own problems to worry about. The more we push down China in our crazy paranoia, the more China must react. Democrats are an infinitely greater threat to America, with no obvious solution as they have taken over public education, the media, corporate America, big technology, the medical industry, and elections. We should welcome any destabilizing China can do to the Democrat machine; it’s our best hope. Otherwise, we’ll just get manipulated into fearing some far-away “enemy” again to keep us quiet against our actual oppressors.


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