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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast, along with the DML NEWS APP, is growing like wildfire because there is no place else where people can get the real news and insight like that offered by DML and his team.  With this said, The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast on November 16 is explosive.

One member of the membership sent a message to DML stating, “I give this program my top grade, it has put everything into perspective for me perfectly.  Trump won this election, you are perfect in your presentation.”

The one-hour program today addresses the issues surrounding Dominion Software, the Trump legal team, why Americans would never vote for Biden in such large numbers are being claimed, and what needs to be done to get this election closed out with Trump the winner. DML also bashes Obama and his appearance on 60 Minutes Sunday.

The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is available on the DML NEWS APP free of charge, and you can also listen to it on Apple Podcasts by subscribing to the show.  Just go to the Apple Podcasts page and subscribe to get alerts.  Please give the show a 5 star review and share it with friends.  But the easiest way to listen is to download the DML NEWS APP free of charge from the Google Play Store (Andriod) or the Apple App Store (iPhone).  If you want to watch the program, become a member of

Here is the podcast:

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  1. Trump won 2020 and the left handed the win to him. Being corrupt is not winning. Winners who are truthful will always be winners. To bad it was the election was rigged and Trump nor his people are not going to watch our President treated so dishonestly

  2. DENNIS, go to parlor or rumble it’s on there galore. I don’t know how you could miss it if you don’t get off your own station. Look out of your own elements. It is there

  3. Obama is absolutely disgusts me. A liar, a thief, a traitor. I can’t even bear to listen to ANYTHING he has to say. He absolutely makes me sick, sick, sick.

  4. I resent that they think we are so ignorant that we won’t question this or demand investigation. We saw the crowds at Trump rallies and the 20-25 at Biden rallies. And Biden was in hiding so he didn’t have to answer questions about his treasonous activities.

  5. I want to know what the Americn people can do about this voter fraud . I want to do something to help our president . TRUMP 2020


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