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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 54-minutes for this day, Nov 17.

DML is joined by Dr Josh Umbehr from Kansas. He offers an alternative to Obamacare and it’s really inexpensive.

Dr. Umbehr’s website is:

This is a very important podcast about a very important topic.

Listen to the show, or watch the program at

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  1. Heck $170/month prepaid medical services is way cheaper and better than $43,000 Obamacare COBRA billing I got 5 years ago.

  2. Great idea for those in that area. It would be great if that was everywhere.
    My job is paying Medicaid claims for various states. I pay all the illegals claims and have no coverage myself. The only thing the company offers is BarryDon’tCare garbage that at last check was $800 for the plan that covered everything. The lowest cost plan was $170 that covered pregnancy and all STD. smh
    Dr. Josh doing what doctors used to do…care.


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