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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 19-minutes for this day, Nov 18.

DML underscores his support for Ron DeSantis and how much he loves the state of Florida.

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  1. DeSantis 4 more years in FL. TRUMP 2024 then DeSantis. We need a minimum of 12 yrs to cleanup the Biden/Obama mess. Besides DeSantis has small kids and a wife with cancer. Not the best timing for a presidential run.

  2. We need DeSantis right where he is, please quit pushing him for 2024, he can maintain sanity in Florida, which is a key state, he doesn’t need to take the beating that Trump did at this time in his life, we need Trump to go back in knowing what he knows now.

  3. I agree with you. Trump made huge mistakes with personnel. We need DeSantis in Florida true, but the rest of the country needs him as well. I’m in Georgia and we are pretty much like Florida. We had a month or two of lockdowns but we’ve been back to normal for over a year now. Just got to stop the mandates. Kemp is good for something but he has to go too.

  4. If we don’t prove and fix election fraud neither will ever be president or any other Conservative for that matter! No one puts their money where their mouth is like Mike Lindell!


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