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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 40-minutes for this day, Nov 19.

Alec Lace joins DML to discuss the crazy spending bill passed by the House.

The two also speak about the NFL star caught on camera beating the crap out of his girlfriend while baby watches.

Listen to the show, or watch it on

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  1. Anyone who can still vote democrat, support their agenda, they are the enemy. Pretty harsh, I know, but they are responsible for the mess we are marching towards.

  2. Based on the info here on illegal immigration and their inevitable legal status, we are finished as a nation. Illegal aliens have no interest in becoming Americans and upholding its social/cultural institutions. This is frightening. I dont think Repblicans can grab the presidency in 2024 if the Democrats succeed.

  3. Has anyone reported if the baby was harmed in any way? We know he beat the sh*t out of his girlfriend but the baby was screaming horribly near the end of the video.


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