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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast today focuses on what happens if Trump doesn’t prevail despite the efforts of the president’s legal team.

DML expresses the positive side of a negative situation that may result in the president losing to Joe Biden even though the fraud in this election is proving itself undeniable.

In what is best described as an interesting take on the president’s legacy, DML makes a respectful, thought-provoking comparison to the sacrifice made by Jesus.

The podcast is very thought provoking even though it does not solve the issues of why this election is not resulting in a Trump win like it should.  At 30-minutes, it is worth a listen.  Click play below.


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  1. As you originally stated on 11/5 ( maybe earlier), Our President will overcome. You asked us to be prepared for the negativity
    and you were correct. You and Steve Bannon’s wide words have helped me stay positive for the last 2 weeks. Rudy’s news conference today just cemented my positivity. Thank you and keep up your great work.

  2. DML…Come on man….Stop with the negativity! The Lord has this! Trump is Gods choice and nobody is able to thwart the plan of God, nobody or anything! Trump 2020!

  3. It’s called giving your faith to God! Watch Prophet Kim Clement! People need to be patient and have Faith! God will prevail as long as we keep praying and believe God will answer our prayers if we pray for this to turn out for Trump, the Nation, the people!

  4. The power of one. Jesus came with the truth and the enemy’s only weapon is to crucify and destroy. Trump came with the truth and the only weapon was lies and destruction. DML, you are right and we truly need to stay faithful and remember what Jesus said, “ If only you knew on this of all days the things that lead to peace. But now they are hidden from your eyes. The time will come when your enemies will build fortifications around you, encircle you, and attack you from all sides.”
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭19:42-43‬ ‭‬‬

  5. Dennis, you need to get on It’s where the conservative are switching from Facebook and Twitter!!We all went there and really like it! Not being censored there! You need to jump on board!

  6. It ain’t over until it’s over
    Joe Montana Story 3:20 left
    God has mysterious way of defeating the enemy and we are not suppose to understand it. Just have FAITH

  7. I appreciate you, DML. I’m a 79 year old woman who has known the wondrous beauty of hope in this nation. Opportunities for all who would reach out and take them. Peace and safety for families.
    I am also a Believer in Christ . God blessed our nation and we have enjoyed those blessings. Now , it’s time for us to stand tall and strong against the dishonesty that seeks to tear down all we hold dear as Americans. God bless you . Keep being our cheerleader. We need you.

  8. He is not in this battle for himself . He is standing strong for us to stand strong for America the land that stands for FREEDOM and are LIBERTY. As believers in our LORD we stand on our prayers because will win in the end.

  9. Squaring the Circle. Like many I pray for victory but the reality of good and evil is daunting.

    Agree with, the Greatness of President Trump’s administration, is the exposing, at all levels, the depth of the corruption and depth of our fight.

    Great, as usual, content. Keep an eye on that Flag.

  10. I can’t educate my liberal dog rescue peeps. I have tried. They are just nasty. Orange man bad. Every time I post something, they start a debate on my and post their “proof”. Trust me, if it wasn’t for rescue, I wouldn’t be friends with most of them. They always have a rebuttal for everything I post. It’s exhausting.


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