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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 1-hour for this November 2.

DML discussed the elections in Va. and how important it is for the future of America.

DML also interviews Pro-Life advocate, Abby Johnson about the Heartbeat Law in Texas and how it’s causing more babies to be born.

NOTE: There is an echo today, we apologize for the microphone mishap.

LISTEN below, or click to watch the program on video.

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  1. I have central american in-laws living in VA and they believe McAuliffe will win by a margin. There are just too many illegal aliens in Va occupying all the major cities. Their situationnis close to California’s. VA has a plurality of Hispanic residents, most are illegal with grown up anchor kids all coting left.

    Trump had massive rallies just before election day and he lost; most likey due to voter fraud including illegal aliens voting.

    If by a miracle Youngkin wins, things will look more promising.

  2. I’m tired of immigrants coming to this country hoping for free handouts so they are willing to vote for individuals that will reshape our country to resemble what they left. Fed up.

  3. The fix is in. Read that Virginia legislation voted to count ballot’s for the week. More corruption. I am afraid our country is finished! Republicans not doing a dam thing!

  4. Oh common man. Do you really think a or any democrat wants someone other than shit pants. Their father was a Democrat. Republicans are mean and talk nasty. Republicans want war and don’t support women. I live and married a crazy democrat. Warning get political affiliation before marriage. Trust me its a life sentence to marry a democrat

  5. Great listening to Abby Johnson what should be done ( maybe it is in someplaces ) couples always attend. CHILDBIRTH classes to obviously learn more and have comraderie along with viewing a CHILDBIRTH video (some parts up close and personal ) so they can understand a vaginal birth . Well i think there should also be an ABORTION education class for those considering it. Complete with an UP. close and personal view of this horrid procedure with a narrator describing EVERYTHING as well as what the mother AND baby experience and WHERE the baby is put after . I bet it would REALLY SLAM many who act like this is a routine line of treatment. They asked for it well here IT IS right in your face , NOW decide …good luck……


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