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The Dennis Michael Lynch podcast is a must listen for all Trump supporters.

It is also a must listen for all Americans. DML dives deep into the Ruddy Guiliani presser held yesterday and what is happening going forward.

It’s not an easy podcast to digest, but it’s DML giving the truth.


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  1. Well, Powell did say that she can’t reveal the details right now and I think that’s smart . It will come out in court right ?

  2. I loved the press conference. They are all in yo expose the corruption of the left.
    My prayer is that we can overturn this dishonest election…

  3. There’s still one problem left after all you said…If this really was a rigged election and those involved get away with it, the mid terms won’t matter as will no other election in the future. The corrupt control over the election process will be so strong, it will be the last nail in our coffin as a free nation. They have pushed us out of the loop. We’re strong for sure, but we’re not devious enough to exist in this new America.. This is our fight today! It’s now or never!!

  4. Instead of the media sitting back and waiting for somebody to hand them whatever evidence it is they want, they need to be doing what journalists are supposed to be doing and that is doing their own investigation.With all the threats and intimidation that have happened to the few people who have been named as sources there’s no wonder they’re keeping the others under wraps. Not to mention that all of that needs to be saved for court and not show all their hands and all their information to the media just because the media doesn’t want to do any work of their own. They have hundreds of affidavits -that is evidence and obviously have evidence of the manipulation of the systems because they’re able to give the stats that they are. Specific evidence in that regard needs to be saved for court. I personally loved seeing the fire behind these attorneys representing our right to free and fair elections.

    • I couldn’t say it better! They have to save it for court why does America want them to lay all their cards out before court. DML you should know that. Anything she says they going to cover it up so secrecy is pretty much key at this point until they lay it out in court. It was enough for me, it would be wreckless to tell the press everything. Especially those evil spawn that still twisted everything. They are violent scarey people.

  5. We need to see something in proof not just talk. I do agree there many things that are “off” but the public is not going to believe or have faith forever. They sit at home and have nothing to give hope but the MSM angle.

  6. We all know Biden didn’t win. We the People re-elected Trump. How about a direct line to Rudy and Powell so citizens can call to report fraud they witnessed during this election. A little fraud here and a little fraud there adds up.

  7. Now we will know who was behind all this fraud once all this information is displayed in court. Still think the USA, will change to the Canadian way of elections, all done by hand and camera and over observers. Takes longer but never see any of the fraud you always hear in the United 🇺🇸.

  8. Who cares if Sydney Powell will go on Tucker or not….why would she …or why would Tucker expect her too. I am sure she is getting death threats and Clinton suicide attempts. Tucker should get this better than anyone. As long as she gets her day in court very soon is what I would hope people fight for. Why would she go on Tucker Carson’s show and tip her hand. This corruption is so deep the ones involved want her dead. Who cares about Tucker Carlson’s ratings. In all due respect DML I do not agree with your perspective on why they are not handing out their evidence before a trial. You have rained down hard on Tucker before and you should have this time. In the meantime I am very sure that the dominion minions are singing because they do not want to go down for voter corruption with the big boys nor do they want to have a target on their head or anyone harming lives of their families. This evil sham …if proven will be the biggest Voter corruption scam perpetrated on the American people ever!
    God is in control and evil never prevails!!! That’s where my faith lies!!

  9. DML I’m disappointed in you. You told us to relax let President Trump sharpen his proverbial “knives” and just be patient. We are being patient and we have been but now you’re basically telling us we’re SOL. Some of us haven’t any faith at this point and those of us look to you not to be more doom and gloom like we get on the MSM 24/7 we look to you to give us some HOPE some light at the end of this shit show lined tunnel of a STOLEN Election. Now you’re basically saying we might as well give up. Why don’t you just call President Trump and urge him to concede?? I’m so tired of this. Sadly Newsmax Is more hope giving and more positive than you are and at this point I’m ready to delete your app and one more thing, at the end of the day YOU HAVE MONEY. You have a profitable CBD oil business and a news business. If Biden gets in it’s not going to effect you the way it will us. Biden WILL FRIGGIN DESTROY US the LITTLE PEOPLE. That PRICK absolutely CANNOT get in. So for you to get up here and snuff out the little bit of hope that the press conference gave some of us yesterday is just disheartening. Sorry but it’s true. DONE.

  10. A great military leader NEVER reveals his detailed plans to the enemy!!! Do what you can to mislead, confuse, and make them think you’re not well prepared. Then, when the time is right, move in on them and destroy them! Enough information has been released, already, that some of these cheaters should be shaking in their shoes. Now it’s time to wait for the proof to be presented to the Supreme Court.
    And, in the meantime, we need to be seriously praying for the safety of the President’s team of lawyers! The future of our country is at stake now. It’s a very real battle of good vs evil. God has a plan for victory. We must pray for truth to be revealed, and safety for the lawyers. Never give up on God!!!

  11. Maricopa county is going to audit 2.1 million mail in ballots with Jovan Pulitzer doing the audit for different papers, folded, not folded, ink circles vs machine circles etc.,GA judge has agreed to allow allow audit and has ordered the ballots unsealed. Why is everyone sitting around expecting other people to five you hope. You either have it or you don’t. If you don’t you’re part of the problem and not part of the solution. When we’re all tires of the draconian lock downs ,makes, freedoms and rights being lost we are the majority and we have a voice. You think AZ have it up easily? Hell no they fought tooth and nail for the right to audit and their voices were heard. This administration has power because we have them the power, they’re putting all of us at risk with open borders in a pla six, ruling through fear. Do you dear them or do you dear losing your country? Email every rep and senator, call your reps and senators, primary whomever is a rino when you can, make your voices heard. Start in the grassroots letting them know you’re not going anywhere and you’ll not stand for our constitution being ignored and trampled on, our borders open, money, OUR tac payer dollars, being spent overseas for pork and the Dems agenda without representation. Raise some hell. Don’t sit online and say we don’t have any hope, you took our hope away. No, you GAVE your hope away, you re allowing it to be taken by folks who don’t care about WE THE PEOPLE. Push back. Take your lives and livelihoods back. There areore.of us than there are of “them”.


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