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Today, DML gives his updates on the election, and offers some insight into how social media companies are cracking down on the truth.

A collection of conservatives have been silenced or deleted, and Twitter is vowing to transfer the president’s Twitter account to Biden regardless of Trump’s willingness to concede.

This is a good listen:

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  1. i can live without twitter DML i pay off my house with out using this devil or demons twitter all americans Voted for this President stay away with this Twitter or facebook..I Do even my local TV never Watched because they are democrat too…against with this president ..but , thanks God ..all citizens all brown color in my State God Guides them to vote for president Trump …let’s learn live happily without Twitter…

  2. DML
    can you make your podcast so I can post on PARLER and Rumble? There’s only FB /Twitter links I’m no longer using those sites

  3. TO: KATIN

    If you have an iPhone, go to “Settings”, click on “Display & Brightness”, click on “Auto-Lock” and select “Never”.

    This will keep your screen from locking and therefore will allow the podcast to run uninterrupted. I recommend changing the setting back to lock after a designated period of time as the options provide once you’re done listening to the podcast; otherwise, your phone battery will drain quickly.

    Hope this helps.

    To all conservative friends out there, keep the faith, fight like hell and don’t ever, ever accept the outright (attempted, but unsuccessful we pray) theft being perpetrated against us.


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