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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 30-minutes for this day, Nov 22.

DML covers the horrible, deadly event in Wisconsin on Sunday evening.

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  1. Are the democrats rejects from morals, sanity, logic, reasoning, and justice? It seems they applauded destruction, accusations without justification, vengeance, hatred, racism, and abject stupidity. I believe they are the most miserable species on earth. I have more sympathy for rabid animals.

  2. Darrell Brooks is the poster person for stopping these stupid low or no bail cases for criminals and others suspected of crimes. The people/city who authorized the $1000 bail on 11/19 or so, need to be held as accountable as Brooks. I hope ever injured person and the families of those who died due the City/County/State for allowing this to happen. Yes, Brooks committed the act but it is the broken system that is the real reason it happened. Make everyone accountable. Prison is to good for him… May he get his just reward sooner than later.

  3. My grandson was one of the injured during the Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin yesterday. He is in the ICU in stable condition. He had surgery yesterday and will undergo another surgery today. He suffered a broken nose, broken teeth, at least one broken rib, badly bruised hip (no indication of any fracture thank God) tear in bowel and hole in intestine. He was in the Waukesha South Marching Band and was hit from behind by the SUV.

  4. If let’s go Brandon gives 450 th to the border crashes I don’t know if we should pay our taxes. The future looks grim, I’m going to be 78 and I have never. Thought our country was in this much danger of losing our republic. It scares the hell out of me knowing my grandkids will be living in a Venezuela type situation. Looks like the shit is going to hit the fan.


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