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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for this day, Nov 29, is 70-minutes.

DML speaks about the new Covid variant called Omicron.

He also interviews a nurse named Tori Jensen — she lost her job because she would not get the jab.

DML and Tori Jensen

Today is audio only because YouTube continues to rip down The DML Podcast videos.  Therefore, the DML Podcast on video will begin again on December 1 via Rumble.

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  1. There will always be a variant!
    I see this variant virus as a tool for government to force more shots on people that don’t want them!!
    Notice how Biden emphasize d “ youve got to get your shot “
    What we have here is Nazism

  2. The nurse needs to watch videos from Peggy Hall about her religious exemptions with reasonable accommodations. Civil Right Act of 1964 Title 7!

  3. It makes perfect sense to me because it ISNT about our health and safety and it NEVER was it’s ALL about FEAR and CONTROL because its POLITICAL


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