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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 68-minutes for this day, November 3, 2021.

DML is the most intelligent human being to ever travel the earth. Just listen to one podcast and you’ll be hooked.

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  1. Are the kids the ones at risk? At 5 they have hardly built up an immune system. Has it been completely tested, or are they just trying to ram it through. Personally I would not trust the vac on very young kids, especially if I knew they already had health issues. Big pharma still trying to make big profits, and demons still trying to keep this pandemic going.

  2. Follow the money and this is a depopulation of the world. They had this virus written up years ago on now the manage the population

  3. Thank you very much for these awesome podcasts. There is NO ONE in the news industry that presents truthful information or interviews with real experts like DML. Thanks again.

  4. “Florida second grader faces suspension for noncompliance with face mask mandate”

    Florida second-grader suspended 36 times for mask mandate violation The New York Post reports: A Florida girl may have to repeat second grade after she was suspended more than 30 times for refusing to comply with the district’s face mask mandate. The recalcitrant student in Palm Beach County was described by her mom, Bailey Lashells, as a typical child who enjoys arts and crafts, drawing and making jewelry, the Tampa Free Press reported. But, Lashells told the paper, her determined daughter Fiona “changed her priorities a bit” amid the pandemic. She said her daughter “has been steadfast” in her decision to “do everything she can for every child going through these lawless mandates.” The 7-year-old student has since been slapped with a total of 36 days of suspensions and multiple in-school disciplinary actions. Fiona’s served her first punishment on Aug. 31, when she was forced to eat lunch alone in an office hallway, according to the Free Press.


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