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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is two hours long for this day, Nov 8.

DML interviews My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell.

DML allows Mike to do most of the talking. The discussion covers Mike’s life story. Growing up, getting hooked on drugs, starting My Pillow, making millions of dollars and then losing it all, divorce, Trump, politics, media bias, and the next steps in his goal to prove the election was stolen and putting Trump back in the White House…. all of it is discussed.

LISTEN below or watch the interview at

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  1. Finally…thank you…thank you for putting Mike Lindell out to your listeners…he is a true Patriot who absolutely puts his money where his mouth is and isn’t afraid to do it!! A true man of God!!!

  2. Thanks DML. For having Mike Lindell on your show. I support him in his fight and ours to fight the evil administration and media that are destroying our America.I buy his products as well as yours to support Truth!!

    • I AGREE. DML WHY ARE YOU SKEPTICAL?? Mike spelled it out.He gave you facts his lawyers are working round the clock. EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE has built an onion of many layers the Supreme Court should acknowledge and cannot dispute. We have so much corruption these people need to be held accountable. I am glad you had him on your show all conservatives need to come together and support him in this legal fight to save America he is a patriot and wouldnt you agree that getting Mr.Maggo out asap and puting the Hillaries the Pelosi’s (do you want them living in Florida to screw it up like Calif)Schiff, Shummer and the kackiling Hyena behind bars

  3. Headline says “to discus next steps in (fight to restore) Trump’s Presidency” YOU have got to quit saying that!
    You need to say “next steps in proving Fraud” “proving election was stolen” “proving Biden did not have
    more votes than Trump”, etc then people will listen and not think you are a wacky-doodle. Many, Many, Many
    think/believe/suspect fraud in the election – you make it sound like Biden will move out and Trump will just
    move in. That will never happen. I stolen election is a stolen election. After it is proved and OVER TURNED,
    1. You have to prove and do something about that crooked election.
    2. Then Declare Biden as illegal President.
    3. Than start talking about Trump.
    Just a suggestion!

  4. I believe the election was stolen, it’s crystal clear with all the evidence. I agree that Republicans are to blame too. Those people either got paid off or they have some incriminating evidence on them. Just like the 13 that voted for this terrible infrastructure bill! One day these traitors will pay for what they have done, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes! I’m sure it’s been happening for many years and we just didn’t see it. I support Mike Lindell and believe he’s a hero. I have purchased his products and will continue to do so. I also refuse to buy from any of the stores that canceled him. I can do several things: pray, vote, use my voice and spend my money at businesses that support my Christian faith, the constitution and my values. I believe the evidence is there to support that Trump won but unfortunately we have too many corrupt people in our government so I don’t think Trump will be put into his rightful place as President. It’s a sad time in America! I’ve always thought I was blessed to live in America but on Election Day I told my husband that with this fraudulent administration it is the first time I was happy that I’m 67 years old because I won’t have to put up with this mess much longer, unlike my kids and grands that have so many terrible years ahead of them! This makes me profoundly sad and I worry about them a lot. I pray that the Lord comes soon or people in Washington get a conscience before they bankrupt our country and then come for the guns. Cause after that folks it’s all over, think of what happened to the Jews. Honestly the only thing that gets me through all this is I know God is in control, I trust him, and I know where I’m going when I leave this earth. Please keep praying folks!

    • Very well said and I feel the same way and agree totally with you. I have also been buying from My Pillow to support Mike Lindell. God bless him for his effort to get to the truth of our election.

    • We can only hope this terrible mess will have a grand finale with all the corrupt politicians being shown for what they really are.

  5. Awesome interview. Lindell comes off as a bit eccentric by his speech cadence and mannerism but aside from that he has solid conviction in his beliefs and to me his information seems credible.

  6. Thank you DML for letting Mike Lindell talk and explain his position. He is fighting for America just like you do ! God Bless both of you !

  7. I think Mike Lindell is extraordinary. He has done so much to help set people straight and save our country. I thank God for him. May God continue to bless and protect him. We need to pray daily for this evidence to be seen heard and believed. I think he’s right On and agree 100% with him. And Dennis, you are a great reporter. This was a superb interview. ❤️🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸

  8. Thank you DML for having Mike Lindell talk about the truth. Mike Lindell is a Godly man I believe everyone in the media will try and discredit him bc of his past. I love that man he has done so much and put his money where is his mouth is. Very passionate about our Country I was following him since day one nobody spoke about. There will be a light at the end of the tunn. Mike Lindell is amazing he has courage only one I know that’s fight for the world. God bless you we pray for Mike Lindell and DML please Dennis keep talking about this I enjoyed this more than any other podcast so realKeep it real

  9. Please continue to support Mike Lindel.Mike is not crazy I wouldn’t say he is but whoever believes 80 million people voted for Brendan are.

  10. Thank you DML for having Mr Lindell on he is proof positive that anyone can pull themselves up and change becoming a massive success. He is very passionate and dedicated to his missions and is making a huge difference . Really enjoyed this podcast , bless you both

  11. I’ve bot My Pillows from Mike after stores dropped him. Just like with covid, corruption is sooo deep. I can’t wait to watch this coverage. It worries me needing to count on the Supreme Court to b fair. That statement makes me sick but it’s how I feel. I loved ur interview and appreciate u letting him tell his story. Amazing man. I pray that he succeeds. I’m going to check out his sites. Thank u DML


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