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Dennis Michael Lynch released a new podcast Sunday morning to address the growing claims of election fraud among U.S. Postal workers.

Multiple employees within the U.S. postal system have now stepped forward as whistleblowers, alleging that their superiors have asked for ballots received after Election Day to be postmarked for Nov. 3.

Allegations of ballot fraud within the postal system have now been made in at least the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Nevada.

On Saturday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said he had received a sworn affidavit provided by a postal worker from Erie, Pa., and vowed that the Senate Judiciary Committee will investigate the claims.

Sunday, DML gave important insight on these critical allegations that could have an impact on the eventual outcome of the presidential election. LISTEN BELOW, and SHARE this far and wide!

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      • Obama ; was a terrorist in a sucky “ President “ COSTUME. Yes I’d go that far to call that scumbag a terrorist. He’s been behind the scenes busting his fake ass to get Trump out since DJT moved in to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! That Hillary too SHES not out of politics like she SHOULD. She’s involved too. Absolutely not should DJT concede, but DML is spot on as always- he’s not going out like that lol
        It’s not over Dems tried it in 2016, lost miserably, but conveniently, COVID-19 didn’t exist complements of China, who want DJT out since he re negotiations of the trades we were making with them and losing 100s of billions a year. Someone was making money off those deals in DC you’d need to be mentally challenged to make the “ deal” USA made!! That’s #1 we have this fake crap called COVID-19. I think it’s biochemical warfare, started by China.

    • Not to bypass what he stated: he would win no matter the election. We, that truely love 🇺🇸 need to hang on; our Constitutional Laws will prevail by the strength of the American Citizens. A recount would be nice too. 👍🇺🇸

    • Most Definitely!
      How you think Hussein got a 2nd term?
      What should happen to this Scum I can’t mention here.
      The worst of the worse is in mind.

  1. thank you all postal service you are the only one can stop the Fraud of democrat please tell the truth.. this country going to hell.. because of what democrat corruption…you can stop all of this

  2. I would like to see your pod cast also have the entire written narrative. This would allow people who are deaf to be able to read what you are saying.


  4. We cannot give up the fight for President Trump. FOX just cancelled Judge Jeanine. They’re removing videos from FB, YouTube…
    We will no longer have a free voice if we don’t stand and fight. DML we need someone like you to organize all 70M and be a strong voice!!!

  5. I want to know when it will be investigated. Now, when it matters? Or will Senator Graham wait until the clock runs out, Beijing Biden is inaugurated and Graham is forced to sweep it under the rug, only to keep Hunter’s laptop company? It is common knowledge that the USPS supports democrats, so this crime is widespread across the country. It’s good to know that the Senate is not the last stop for these whistleblowers, or their complaints would more than likely be DOA. I’m sure President Trump’s legal Team will deal with them properly, get sworn affidavits and get them into court long before the next presidential election, starting Monday!

  6. DML, Have been a fan for a long time & have turned a lot of people on to you. I have family & friends in Pennsylvania. Well,
    Please explain how each of them got 3 or more ballets. They have called the GOP number in Pennsylvania & left voicemails. Some of them got 14 ballets!! Some of them were called repeatedly & asked if they voted yet. These people are registered Democrats but TRUMP supporters now. They told the people calling them they voted for TRUMP & ask why they were calling & keep calling!! They just said they were on there list to see if they voted yet. This seems like just a tiny amount of examples of fraud that have happened. On Election Day they decided to go in person & guess what happened there…. there was no one who asked for there ID or checked to see if they had already voted by mail. My husband & I live in NJ. We have been part of the TRUMP train since day one. We have seen the support from
    so many in NJ especially people who weren’t fans of TRUMP who have now turned into huge fans like our family. I don’t think for a second TRUMP lost NJ. All the votes in this state still aren’t counted & us NJ residents don’t believe for a second that TRUMP didn’t WIN this state hands down! We won’t stop the love, support & patriotism that TRUMP has awakened in millions of Americans. Please keep fighting & keep us updated!! God bless!

  7. Steve Pieczenik came out with a video that Trump new all this and has a sting operation that the mail in ballots are watermarked. Will be able to track all these ballots. Is there any truth to this or just hopeful thinking??

  8. You think the republicans are going to stay away from his inauguration. Show him the same respect the democrats gave President Trump? Or his first state of the union address. Will they go but sit on their hands like the democrats did to Trump. No they wouldn’t dare, they’ll go they have no balls!!!

  9. There was so much fraud, Trump knew this would happen, he has plans in place to expose the fraud, trust! Media doesn’t get to call the election, they will be exposed during this as well. Have faith!

  10. Do not worry my friends, Trump has got something up his sleeve he is a very smart man and he knew about voter fraud way before he became president, so I know he’s got something in the works that he’s been working on since he became president for the situation

  11. Nobody said not to take their money! Take the money than rat their lying, cheating bastards out. They are scumbags, traitors and deserve everything coming to them. Please do the right thing and turn them in. They have corrupt people in very high places so we have to work together to stop them.


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