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After the media declared former vice president Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election on Saturday, Biden is moving forward with his plans to take the White House, and released the names for his “Transition Covid-19 Advisory Board” Monday morning.

Biden’s deputy campaign manager pledged on Sunday that Biden is ‘going to make good’ on the “progressive and aggressive agenda” he ran on.

Meanwhile, President Trump is taking legal action amid growing allegations of ballot fraud and voter fraud, and is planning to hold a series of Trump rallies in many states across the country, focused on the campaign’s ongoing legal efforts.

Dennis Michael Lynch released a new podcast Monday morning to weigh in on what to expect from Biden, President Trump, and the media.

This is a must-HEAR, must-SHARE podcast.  Listen below:

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  1. I don’t believe these rallies will even be reported by the media. The attention will remain on Biden because the media is and has been pro far left. BLM & Covid has been used to take attention away from this election. There is more corruption than we can ever imagine.

  2. If people are forced to accept or believe the result of an election without having the right to access all data is unconstitutional. The Government cannot impose any beliefs. They have to be 100% transparent and all the data needs to be able to be accessed by both sides.

  3. In California a lot of republicans never got a ballot and I was one. Our Mike Garcia was defeated by a small number. So we lost a Senate seat

  4. Been listening to you for about a month now. Just do not know how Trump will make it through this. I 100% agree with you on the Time factor. I am scared for my families future and every other Americans. There are stories that I see and read about these voting machines changed Votes. In addition, there are several stories about Trump was part of some sting operation. Not believing any of this just don’t know who to believe anymore… Just wish Trump would address the nation and put some validity to some of these stories or accusations…

  5. The Fox News seems like they are pushing Trump out they aren’t showing him or reporting about what he is doing or meetings he has.


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