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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 52-minutes for this day, Oct 1.

Lawyer Jeff Childers from Florida joins DML to discuss his lawsuits and efforts in battling the masking and vaccine mandates.

Childers is winning in the court room, and his popularity is growing. His approach is simple: Follow the Constitution. In this podcast he offers insight regarding what to do if you face a vaccine and / or mask mandate.


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  1. I was recently FIRED from my place of employment. I loved my job, and they loved having me there. They implicated a ” New Company Policy ” that mandates the wearing of masks. I can NOT work 10 hrs while wearing a mask ! It is a physical job, and the mask constricts my breathing ! I also suffer from anxiety ! I explained my situation to my employer. The DID NOT CARE ! They just kept insisting that it is COMPANY POLICY. 92 % of the employees complied… And they were getting sick, at an alarming rate… While I had not even gotten sick, once ! I take care of my health, by taking a daily regimen of Vitamins.( zinc, vitamin C, D, etc…) I wrote my Governor, the person running for governor, etc…( NEVER heard a response from either one !) I’ve talked to 4 separate Lawyers. They ALL said,” You have NO standing”. If it is Company Policy.
    I am Heartbroken, Depressed, and Jobless. I have a family to support, and CAN’T even put food on the table ! I applied for Unemployment, and have been waiting for a month, for approval ! I am getting DESPERATE ! I don’t know what to do .
    I am looking forward to DMLs podcast, with hopes that Maybe, just maybe, there is HOPE !

    • Masks dont work ! Its like a chain linked fence and throwing rice at it . viruses are tiny smaller then bacteria! You can try this link. I use it . The or the Pete Santili show. On rumble or D live .some of those shows from later dates may help you .

    • I heard they don’t have an insurance number code for Covid 19. Only codes for symptoms ie: cardiomyopathy, pulmonary edema etc… so what’s that all about. If this is what ur talking about the number code…

  2. How refreshing it was to hear a lawyer diligently working for the rights of citizens…I feel if we could have more lawyers like Mr. Childers, it may be our sign of hope in getting through all this outrageous government overreach! It seems your guest, Jeff Childers, took the right approach in processing these unconstitutional mandates and/or regulations that threaten our livelihoods! His given advice throughout the interview should be well taken and trustworthy. He certainly should be commended for going above and beyond to continue to educate himself while supporting others in his field.
    Thank you Dennis and Jeff Childers for an interesting and important podcast today. A must listen!

  3. Another excellent podcast this one was very reassuring to me he showed me there is ALWAYS a way and hope is NOT lost . Thank you for interviewing him and providing sites to follow him on EVERYONE needs to listen to this podcast

  4. I hope Jeff, or someone like him, can help those employees with United Airlines who are being fired for not getting the jab.

    • I hope anyone listening on this podcase will tell friends who are working for United Airlines to just let United fire them. I am going to post on Facebook on what the lawyer said. Spread the word.

  5. I heard the attorney said that private businesses cannot be sued if they do not have funding from the government because they are private. But in New York City, the Mayor mandated private businesses like restaurants and gyms to not allow patrons and members respectively to enter unless they show proof. On the one hand you cannot sue the private businesses on vaccine mandate, and on the other hand, the City can mandate private businesses on the vaccination. This is double standard and even like socialism and communism.

  6. I might ask the attorney, how is it that an employer can require a doctors note that you were sick in order to get a paid sick day off and they cannot legally ask you or require you to show proof that you are not sick or free of a particular communicable disease that may pose a threat to the safety of the work environment? Does having your right to keep your medical history private protect you from coercion to reveal your personal medical information to your employer? In the first case it is proof of a positive and in the other case proof of a negative or some nebulous certification of protection that you do not pose a threat to the work environment which the vaccine does not offer. Proving a negative of a particular disease also seems to be rather discriminatory when other potential diseases that may also be a threat are ignored. There is no federal law prohibiting employers from asking employees why they are out sick. There are state laws that address this issue and how certain requirements need to be met. Repeated absences from work could be cause for termination. But telling an employee they cannot be present to work and deny pay as long as they lack some arbitrary requirement may not be good cause for termination.

  7. The Podcast with Jeff Childers was I think the best one ever!! He’s Down To Earth…Got Common Sense…A Godly Man…Great Personality!! I REALLY felt we have LAWFUL LEGAL HELP ON OUR SIDE!! PRAISE THE THE LORD!! This is the most relief & the most hopeful I have felt in such a LONG TIME!! Thank You DML!!

  8. I found it hilarious that he said he throws some humor and sarcasm and if people dont like sarcasm you wont like his podcast.
    ……. So to Jeff Childers I say ” DML’s listeners are conditioned for sarcasm” 😆
    What a great podcast!

  9. Hey DML, I am a Registered Nurse from Connecticut who lost my job (of 26 years)
    for declining the vaccine. Our Governor has decided we have no option for testing (which was being done weekly for the past year and a half). While listening to this podcast, I am hopeful that there are some brave lawyers in Connecticut who will fight with and for us. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated!!

  10. JetBlue is now making the Covid shots mandatory for al in -flight employee’s and ground personnel.
    I’m worried about my daughter because she has a heart valve issue. She is a single woman who just bought a house 3 months ago and feels she has to take the shot to avoid being fired.

  11. Why do we not have a national federal lawsuit to put a temporary injunction on China Joe’s vaccine mandate? This has to be litigated on its overt breach of the US Constitution. Why are the Republitards not hiring lawyers to halt this mandate jow so it can be litigated?

    I think the republitard’s inaction proves their complicity.

  12. My husband works for a union. Workers are being laid off who are not vaccinated and when they present verification of vaccination they are put back to work and it is coercing the other workers who do not want the shot to get it in fear of being laid off. The union is claiming that these private companies are the ones requiring vaccination to work on their job sites, basically washing their hands of the issue… It’s not like they will fire any workers but they are laying them off.

  13. Thank you Dennis great podcast.
    There is a lot of info out there. There is something going on. It’s money. If they demand us to get the Vax, and not these illegals, keep the virus going and the jabs. Bill Gates behind a lot of this, look on u tube…… Population…..


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