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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 51-minutes for this Monday, Oct 11.

DML interviews Dr. Peter McCullough from Dallas, Texas.

The conversation focuses in on the battle doctors face when suggesting treatments for Covid-19.

The doctor provides his ideas for treatments, and how they are allegedly being rejected by the medical industry. The conversation also covers the potential dangers for children and the vaccine.


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  1. People wake up God gave you the life you have He also planned your death As well as the where the how and what
    Stop listening to people !
    Pull up your big girl/ big boy pants and think for yourselves
    Anything based or created out of a lie is a lie And comes straight out of hell to destroy or kill. Why are you like rabbits following fools down the hole to your death Do your own research. That’s all the net is good for And tech is silencing all those who are showing you the truth Your deaths is their goals . This virus was created to do what it is doing showing and proving how gullible you are.
    . And that’s the way they will kill you by dangling everything in front of your eyes
    Ok you don’t have to believe me. Go back to your propagandizing boob tube and wait for your death that is coming

  2. Gail, I agree with everything you said. It’s sad that there are so many sheep in this country willing to piss there freedoms away.

  3. Yet another hard hitting podcast it lifts my spirits quite alot to hear educated trained and straight foward guests unfiltered and no sugar coating , thank you again

  4. I’m a nurse in Dallas Texas and I have met Dr.Peter Mcullough years ago as A drug representative as well as a nurse.
    He is an outstanding individual as well as a physician.
    Dennis you need to understand Baylor is extremely political and always have been since the 80’s that I am aware.
    Baylor is also founded by the texas Republic 1845 and Baptist. Which I am also .
    You do need to look at the splint in the Southern Baptist convention and First Baptist church and Jeffries , which I know as well as he was the Pastor inWichita Falls in Texas at First Baptist where my family went to church growing up.
    This all culminates in what Doctor’s and the division in the churches and the government.
    Baptist convention help get Trump in the Whitehouse.
    The Baptist convention is extremely powerful in politics, as well as religion .
    Many believe church and state are separate but the lines are blurred and many are afraid to speak out in key positions because of this syndrome.
    You ask why does this have to do with Covid-19 and the vaccine?
    It is one of the political powers behind the government .
    Additionally Gates and Soros foundation teamed up in Europe to buy all the testing. Humm
    FDA director and the editor of New England journal of medicine are in bed with this vaccine.( per your own source Dr.Hatfield)
    Pelosi , Clintons, and Obama complete this circle .
    Why do you think nurses are walking out, why do you think doctor’s license are being threatened, why do you find Baptist preacher pushing this vaccine.
    In Texas especially. Why all the fear-mongering.
    We all know why, the real question is what are we going to do about it.

  5. There are articles out there that states that many members of congress have been taking ivermectin, since 2019. If this is true, congress knew of the healing powers of this medicine and kept it from the public. This is global genocide even Hitler wasn’t able to achieve. What a bunch of sick fucks we elect to lead us to our deaths.

  6. Wow DML! I feel like I ran a 10 mile marathon after listening to this xlnt podcast! It left me breathless, informed and empowered.

  7. America’s Frontline Doctor’s can get these meds to people. It’s not always in a timely manner because they have been overwhelmed with requests. I was told when I first requested the meds that they put priority on patients that are already sick, which is ok with me. I understand this and why it is because I was able to contact them and get Ivermectin prescribed as I wanted it on the basis of future need. A pharmacy in a nearby town mailed it out to me. I now have it on the ready and after speaking to the pharmacists, I know how to take it and with what. That includes Zinc, Vitamin C, and D3. We should all be taking these supplements anyway, which I have been for awhile now. I am reserving the Ivermectin for if and when I may need it down the road. The shelf life is about 1.5 to 2 years. To think of all the people who could have been saved if they had been given treatments that worked up front is astounding. The hospital protocols is what is killing people, especially the elderly. The protocol is disgusting and nothing short of murderous. Do not, under any circumstances, let them put you on a ventilator or give you Remdisivir. Our government sucks!!!! Biden sucks!!! Fauci sucks!!!

  8. I just got vaxed 7 weeks ago out of sheer stupidity for going cruising. And last week got ill and tested positive for covid. Mind you I went 18 mos not vaxed and worked in a hospital and never got ill. So I feel like I was injected with god knows what. After getting zpak, medrol dose pak and regeneron shots in stomach and arms I’m on the road to recovery. If I had it to do again, I’d never cruise or have gotten vaxed.

  9. very interesting and informative this doctor seems to be on the right side. love your pod cast I look forward to listening every day.
    thank you for sharing your insight and information.

  10. Only way to stop all this insanity is stand up against it! I don’t think these mandates are right! No one should force you to take anything.. I think these mandates have gone too far. There are meds that can be used for COVID, but they won’t use them.. God help us.

  11. Excellent interview! I love Dr Peter M!! People have got to wake up!
    I used to think it was political. But now that more people have died under Biden than Trump “from covid” I am seeing it is more nefarious than just political…
    It sounds like population control and the “conspiracy theorists” were right again…


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