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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 41-minutes on this day, Oct 12.

DML expresses massive concern over a published Op-Ed in the New York Times.

The article is written by two anti-Trump Republicans who are calling for the GOP to elect Democrats to stop Trump and Trumpism in future elections.

This is a very important podcast. It must be shared.


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  1. They better keep dreaming!! I’m only voting for whoever President Trump endorses period!!!!! We all need to vote them OUT!! They are part of the swamp.

  2. Cutting off their nose to spite their face will either get them a communist country, or totally get them kicked out of politics with zero followers. I vote for the last one. Trumpism is going no where but up. They don’t get that it’s the communism that has to go! If you are not for getting rid of it with Trump, you are for communism! We can’t have that!

    • I too voted Democrat my whole entire life if they hadn’t have chosen Hillary Clinton to run in 2016 I probably still be devoting Democrat thank God they did that it’s been a real education and I won’t vote for anyone who is not for the people of the United States no more rhinos no more Democrats no socialist no communist if you’re not supported by President Trump you don’t get my vote

    • They’re definitely being paid by the main players of this covid scandal and everything else it’s happening right now money will turn you into a treasion politician cuz all politicians all they know is to be bought except Trump he just has one objective to make the country great once again and by the way I’m Canadian just watching all this happen makes me sick we got our own idiot in office

  3. Rebecca you are correct President Trumps endorsement gets my vote and President Trump also gets my vote. I believe Trump/DeSantis would be the perfect ticket 2024. Then next would be DeSantis for President in 2028.

  4. Unbelievable! Who do they think is going to replace Trump? Are they happy with Biden? Because that’s what they are asking for, more of this socialist administration beholden to China, criminals, and the globalist agenda. This will be the end of America and any Constitution or our freedoms. 😢

    • That’s what they want. We have Communists in America. I don’t give to the Republican Party any more unless I make sure it only goes to a certain person. The Republican Party isn’t giving any money to Trump’s campaign. The Rino’s are probably getting the money. Be careful giving to Republican Party on how you do it.

  5. Christy Todd Whitman should be in jail. She is the cause of alot of 911 first responders. Telling us the air was safe down there was the crime of the century. Nobody I know has any respect for her. The DHS asswipe needs to go as well. We the people will vote only the way Trump tells us to.

  6. Christy Todd Whitman should be in jail. She is the cause of alot of 911 first responders deaths, Telling us the air was safe down there was the crime of the century. Nobody I know has any respect for her. The DHS asswipe needs to go as well. We the people will vote only the way Trump tells us to.

  7. First of all there is not such thing as Trumpism, there is socialism, Marxism, and Communism .
    Don’t play into their hands.
    There is Americanism, Capitalism , and a free from country from Socialism.
    They are trying to label a vote for America as being a domestic terrorist .
    Don’t fall for it. Additionally, they will continue to go after Trump and his family.
    We vote for Americans and our freedoms endowed by our creator.
    That embodies many men with that vision .

  8. So that’s their plan? LOL.

    Here’s OUR plan. First, Trump should run in 2024…as the incumbent. In other words, we need to fight for election integrity now. Demand support for the election audits. Contribute to Trump’s PAC and no other, including the RNC. Primary out all RINOs. Elect Trump—and only Trump—Republicans to Congress.

    Once the GOP is back in control of the Congress, it should replace Nancy Pelosi with—wait for it—Donald Trump! Article I, Section II says nothing about the Speaker of the House having to be chosen from among its members. Biden-Harris can then be impeached on myriad grounds, beginning with the fact that they usurped their positions in the first place and perhaps ending with articles of gross dereliction. As Speaker, Pres. Trump would succeed to the presidency cloaked with full constitutionality, to serve out the remaining two years of “Biden’s term.”

    The best part of all is that Pres. Trump would still be eligible to run again in 2024, allowing him to serve potentially 10 years in total as president!

    And this time, being much the wiser, what we want to see isn’t Orange Man Bad but Orange Man Worse!

  9. Neither the New York Times, the Washington Post, CBS, NBC, Fox News, etc. have any credibility and is worldwide. They all sided with the Socialists to destroy the US, they are the bad apples and we all conservatives and many Democrats know it and are prepare. There are a lot of Rinos/traitors also in the Republican Party and that’s why we will follow the Trump advise he knows well who they are. Their worst mistake was to publicly attack President Trump the insane way they did, during his presidency. Anyone with little bit of brains know the whole thing was orchestrated to discredit him. Guess what, not all Americans are followers or fanatics, we know what is best for the US and their citizens and will take actions. Hopefully many moderate Democrats understand this and are also tired of all these bunch of socialists that just want to destroy our country. They all including Obama and George Soros and families with their hate to the US can go to any socialist country of their choice, if that is what they want and leave the US alone! We love our country and our freedom and are willing to fight for them!🇺🇸❤️

  10. After watching the Trump rally last Saturday, I’m convinced that America First is Trumpism, same thing. The left wants to destroy it which is why we have the Jan 6th commission, Covid and Dr. Fauci, CRT and the FBI going after parents, the supply chain mess, all of it is designed to get rid of America First/US! When Trump said “they’re not after me, they’re after you, I’m just in the way” he was absolutely right. Time to stand up and fight back!

  11. Of course those fake Republicans would go to the Times with their nasty plans. NO real Republican would do that. These are people who claim to belong to the party and believe in it, but they are actually infiltrating it and are scared to death of having a President who puts America first and does not always put straight whites last.

  12. It’s not like we didn’t know. We knew these two losers and many others in the Republitard party are really democrats wearing two hats.

    This is more reason to dump the republicans and form a new party.

  13. All of this showed America what has been going on.We will get these rhinos out and make America great again with president Trump!!!

  14. Dennis, Why, Why do so many of the Elites, elected and unelected want to screw our country? They want to be lords over their shitty kingdom they’ve eviscerated? I can’t comprehend the Evil! I see it, I hear it, I feel it, but I don’t truly understand why?

  15. This makes me mad! Trump rallies are peaceful. No brawls of any kind. Even all the bad Biden has done, they still stand behind them…..


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