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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is one-hour long for this day, Oct 13.

DML is joined by Arizona State Senator Karen Fann, also known as the Republican who led the 2020 election audit.

Fann and DML get into the gritty details about what’s taken place, and the dishonestly hovering over the audit.

Information about what happens next and why it’s so important to complete the process is revealed.


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  1. As BOTH the Democratic and Republican parties are FULL OF CORRUPTION…. I think TRUMP needs to start his own party ! He needs to distance himself from the DC SWAMP !

  2. Everyone. Speak with your votes. Don’t forget this! Go on Twitter, FB, everywhere and spread the truth. Drive people here to DML to hear it for themselves. SPREAD TRUTH!!

  3. Thank you Sen. Karen Fann. You are truly an American Patriot. And, like Dennis said, “Keep charging up the hill!” because “We The People” of our beloved United States are behind you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! God bless you and you family.

    Best Regards,
    Ginny Collier from the great state of Tennessee.

  4. How did we get here??? My Father may he rest in Peace, fought Communism on foreign lands so that shit wouldn’t come here….and here we are…

  5. Yes , we need to start now or we will never be saved, it’s my belief the bills they are trying to pass will put us overboard and make us forced into some kind of world government and dems are pushing hard , seeing the republicans who have turned they’re back on trim is only one reason , they too have a hand in the kitty and they were afraid of trim also, #drainswamp it is a shame we have come to the same lower standard of these other countries and our politicians are now more than ever corrupted by the money that lines they’re pockets, why if we can get control we need term limits , no more rider bills , example like the infrastructure bill would be passed but not since it’s added to the big bill ,
    #termlimits #nobenifitfromoutsideinfluence #noadderbills we really need to flush all in Congress because it is a toilet of corruption


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