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Dennis Michael Lynch hosted his live podcast show Thursday morning to subscribers. It is now available below as a podcast audio to the public.

In what may be one of his best news shows yet, DML gave powerful insight every American needs to hear on the following topics:

  • Tucker Carlson explains mysterious circumstances of how documents ‘damning’ to Biden family ‘vanished’
  • Covid cases, hospitalizations continue to surge as U.S. reaches ‘critical point’ in pandemic
  • Dr. Fauci Tells Australians That Covid in the US is ‘Getting Worse and Worse’ and Might Not Get Close to Normal Until 2022
  • Police will enter homes and break up Christmas dinners if families break lockdown rules – and there will be riots, predicts police commissioner
  • Biden vows to unify and save country; Obama trashes Trump, claims he’s jealous of COVID’s media coverage
  • Trump says Miles Taylor ‘should be prosecuted’ after reveal as ‘Anonymous’ administration critic
  • ICE says court order forced them to release 250 immigrants with criminal histories
  • Tech CEOs clash with lawmakers in contentious hearing
  • Girl Scouts delete social media post congratulating Amy Coney Barrett on Supreme Court appointment


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  1. This was so very depressing, it seems like there are no positive things happening right now , and the odds are so very much stacked against Trump and the conservatives
    England is in deep trouble and you are correct about the Muslims DML, I know as my family are there and it’s very bad.
    The corruption we are seeing will get a 100 percent worse with corrupt Biden and evil Harris.
    Pray hard and ignore these evil people that want to destroy us and America and VOTE.


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