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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for Oct 6 is 65-minutes.

DML returns from his trip and is very concerned about the Biden administration’s war on kids and parents.

His guests are Tiffany Justice, co-founder of Moms For Liberty, and social studies teacher Angela Bittinger.

Justice talks about the new warning from the DOJ and FBI. The agencies are looking into parents who “threaten” teachers, school board members and officials. Is this the starting of something bigger? Will every parent be silenced if they don’t agree with CRT, masks, and sexually explicit books?

Bittinger tells her story, and it will alarm all parents. She reveals what is happening inside the classrooms, and why she is likely to be fired for rejecting the vaccine mandates.


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  1. American citizens pay for public education. We are their employers. We must find a way to stop paying the taxes for public education, or public education must listen to the voices of the parents who are for our traditional values that were instilled & supported up until about 1970s. It’s simple: public education was instituted for academic learning only. That is reading, writing, arithmetic, accurate documented history, Govt & Civics. We’ve gradually eroded to more & more govt control; I believe consolidation is partly to blame for that.
    Sex education, LGBTQ training, CRT, are way out of bounds, and should never be exchanged for the basic reading, writing, and arithmetic! Parents should teach their own children about what they want them to know regarding sex, marriage, and LGBTQ. To be honest we don’t really need extended fine arts or all of the sports activities that we pay for. Those could be accomplished through community programs like the YMCA. We don’t need to be giving free food at schools, either. Everyone should pay, even if it’s $.50 or a dollar. That way they have ownership . Feeding kids in the summer is outrageous. When we do that it takes responsibility from parents & creates an entitlement mentality that someone else will be there to take care of us.

  2. I read a lot of things like this. Afghanistan, the open border etc. But seems to me the main reason for all this is the illegal administration we have in our WH. That was NOT legally voted in by the American people and it is forgotten because of all the deliberate distractions created. This administration needs to be removed from office or by term end our America will not survive. It is so obvious Biden, Harris, Pelosi and more need immediately removed for the survival of America.

    • Especially with another 80,000 invaders heading to our southern border from Haiti again today!! Yes – 80,000 and Border Patrol says they are “so overwhelmed, all we can do is just step aside and let them invade our country. That’s ALL we can do now.”

  3. The insanity continues. The tyranny continues. The totalitarian regime is pushing as hard and as fast as they can to shut down and shut up the True Believers of Democracy and the preservation of our Republic.

  4. Another excellent podcast very informative and inspiring Blessings to both very brave and determined women speaking out and DOING no matter what . This is sheer tyrrany my first order of business is moms for liberty

  5. This woman is so courageous and I am so appalled at what is happening to her and others like her. We need more people to speak up and speak out. I am 66 years old and a Registered Nurse who was basically coerced into taking the jab or lose my job. I couldn’t financially take that hit and survive. Excellent podcast! Please continue to find warriors like Angela and have them on your show..

  6. Angela is truly a very brave and smart lady! Her interview was amazing. You need to get her name and message out to the masses!!


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