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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 47-minutes for this Thursday, Oct 7.

DML begins with news about a woman who is being denied life saving surgery because she isn’t vaxxed.

DML also discusses how Pfizer is aiming to vaccinate little kids.

The Texas abortion law gets a setback from radical judge, DML provides his stance on the issue.

He ends the program with the results of Pew Research Center survey about Trump 2024. He explains how the Left will try to destroy Trump’s chances.


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  1. I would definitely like to see Trump run for President in 2024 but with such a corrupt system I hope this would be possible. I know he could get us back to some normalcy. If a Republican is not elected I think we are doomed. Wake Up America!!

  2. I agree, DML. I believe that if DJT runs again, he will win the nomination. I hope his running mate would be Kristi Noem.
    Otherwise : Ron DeSantis & Kristi Noem

  3. The Democrats/Left take any opportunity to twist news. Who the hell did they poll? No one believes the lies anymore…we the people know!

  4. I would like to also see President Trump run again, I do like Ron DeSantis & I think he’d be fantastic as leader of our country, But………I feel like DJT was ripped off bc of what happened in the 2020 election….we know they cheated!!!! We need to correct our election integrity before next election or I fear we may never have an honest election again!

    Maybe DeSantis next run after DJT…..

  5. Why do people keep saying ‘wake up America’?? I believe the majority of us ARE wide awake. The real problem here is, nobody is willing to DO anything, and we just keep talking about it. I would love to put my own money where my mouth is, but have no idea where to begin- and I’m just a mom pushing middle age. I see my whole world slipping through my fingers, and not a damn thing I can do yo stop it. Voting is NOT going to help. Talking about it is NOT. GOING. TO. HELP.

    • If we had a leader they would be persecuted like president Trump was for four years. We have had some leaders doing undercover work and they have been murdered, you all know who they are, The Globalist left means business, they will kill any one who stands in their way. We have a president who is a crazy man intent on destroying the Republic, he should have been dragged out of the White House kicking and bellowing six months ago. . We are being attacked from all sides. Their aim is to disarm the citizens and federalize the whole country. We would be just like Venezuela. Don’t think they won’t be successful. No one is standing up and there has been no progress stopping the tragedy that’s going on right now.

  6. We know what the problems are with our government. We the People want to know how to right these problems. Not paying taxes so the elected officials can’t be paid..The politicians would just raise the national debt. Putting the US farther and future generations deeper in debt. What is the answer? We can’t hit them in the wallet because WE are the wallet.
    My opinion on abortion: Abortion should not be used as a form of birth control. Absolutely wrong not with birth control pills, condoms and the morning after pill(my vote is out on this one). My personal belief is if you get yourself pregnant deal with it. No one forced you to have unprotected sex.

  7. Mike lindell is going to supreme court with election fraud evidence. He’s super optimistic but I feel like it’s our only hope to actual “fix2020first”

  8. I would love to see my president back in the Whitehouse where he belongs.

    It would not surprise me if at some point Texas actually does leave the union and make themselves their own country. If things keep moving in the direction they currently are i can see it be sooner than later.

  9. If we don’t fix the 2020 election I don’t see how we can win in 2022 and 2024 just like the Democratic Party said they are trying to federal elections and otherwise they have four years to push that though and then taking the power from the people

  10. I would love to see Trump running again he did a lot of good for the country.. Biden has been a disaster from day one and what he is implementing other countries are following he is hated by the whole world…Out Prime Minister is just as bad, hated to the core…
    DML hope you recuperate soon from what you are going through…Keep you Pod cast going as I enjoy listening to them, they are so informative..God Bless you and your family


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