DML Podcast Replay: Expert Shares Tips For Great Sex and Love After 50

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This Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 59-minutes, and it originally published in May, 2022. We are publishing this again because Tracey Cox will be a guest again in the weeks to come.

*NOTE: The special offers for DML CBD in this podcast are no longer valid.

DML interviews author and relationship expert Tracey Cox from the UK.

Cox explains how to achieve great sex, love and relationships after 50 years old.

This podcast is for those who are in love, searching for love, married, single, divorced….

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  1. We bring Sex toys into the bed room now — doesn’t make me gay my wife pegs me best feeling ever don’t knock it till you try it .. . It all started with a finger. .

  2. Thanks for replaying this podcast because I missed the original play date. Tracey was a great guest and I hope you have her back sometime. I found it very interesting and actually loved hearing that you and Miss Mary have such a wonderful relationship! Bless you both!!


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