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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 52-minutes today.

DML discusses inflation, a homeless man who is being paid $250 for not getting mental health services, new gun control measures pushed by the Senate, a trans girl and her speech at the March for Our Lives, the media’s obsession of Trump versus DeSantis, the January 6 hearings and how Liz Cheney is accused of using them for her own political gain, and a GOP rep who says Trump was unfit for office if he thinks the election was stolen. Plus, DML announces a journey he is taking and wants you to join.

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    • I agree! 2,000 Mules proves it was stolen!! Rotten Republican! That’s what represents us in Washington, D.C . Pitiful!!

  1. Are they f****** ignorant to the fact that election fraud has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Oh wait this sham of a hearing isn’t being done in a court of law.

  2. This is why they are pushibg the Jan6th bs. They dint want Trump to run and will do anything to stop him… Trump 2024

  3. There’s “NO USE” for Democrats to KEEP bringing up Jan 6, OR ANYTHING NEGATIVE about TRUMP!! Americans want their Country back, THIS ADMINISTRATION has SHOWN the American people that they care more for themselves than the Country or its people!! Inventing tactics to PREVENT the people’s choice, WON’T WORK, they’ll be hurting they OWN POPULOUS; more and more the people ARE SEEING their corruptible ways..

  4. January 6th is a last ditch effort for the Democrats to get rid of Trump. It’s ridiculous and yes I do believe the election was stolen. The Democrats will go to every length to keep Trump from running for president.They will cheat again 😡

  5. Trump was the best President and he isn’t mentally sick it is dementia Biden and the Democrats who ate mentally sick. The election was stolen and what they did was throw away Trumps votes and the election was all fraud and just look at what asshole Biden has done with Obama’s, Soros help with drunken Pelosie.

    • They didn’t throw away Trump votes. They gave them to Biden around 11:15 p.m. in Maricopa Co. Then they gave Bidens far fewer votes to Trump. I watched it happen. Needless to say, I went to bed angry because I knew that the election was going to have fraud in other places as well as Arizona and we would end up with Biden as the most miserable president we have ever had. .

  6. IMAGINE: Imagine if that was Biden who was ahead of Trump, and Biden suddenly lost his votes to Trump, and Trump was declared winner. There would be rioting that you wouldn’t believe in the street where most Democrats live. There would be investigation after investigation trying to get Biden’s numbers back. If Trum dares to open his mouth about the steal of our election al hell will break loose.

    The truth is that Democrats not only are poor losers. They will do anything and everything to get what they want, including voter fraud, and tarring Trump with any made-up thing they can. .


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