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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 50-minutes today.

DML reviews the new film called ‘2000 Mules.’

The film highlights the questionable 2020 presidential election.

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  1. I have not seen the movie yet. Was going to order the dvd and decided to wait. Including the cheapest shipping option, a single DVD is over 40 bucks. I guess I will try to stream it.
    Interestingly there was a report out I read on whatfinger about Fox and even Carlson not wanting guests to talk about the documentary.

    • Streaming prices are: $19.99 if you watch it one time….and $29.99 if you can watch it forever on….so I paid $29.99….and keep the movie forever….

    • Quercus…I watched the movie (Documentary) on for $29.99, but for that price, I can watch the movie as many time as I want to…but if you want to watch the movie one time….the price is $19.99

  2. Dennis I feel sick! And I keep thinking how can the looney lefts keep doing all these insane anti American things with the midterms coming so fast???? I believe they know their plan is a repeat of 2020 election. There’s no other explaination.

  3. In your podcast you mentioned how someone said Trump wouldn’t win and you questioned how he knew that. Pelosi did the same thing. I will never forget it when she said something like “Oh he won’t win”, emphasizing “won’t”. I wondered what she meant and we sure found out.

  4. Great podcast. One question. If no one is willing to do anything about this why should I go out and vote again? I went out last time and voted along with everyone else and our vote was taken away from us. Nothing has changed. Why would it be any different?

  5. I saw the movie and DML’s review is spot on. No need to watch it because he tells it all exactly the way it played out. Excellent review. Save your money. Now let’s “pull the ripcord” and divulge all the secrets. Which non-profits were they going to and start naming names.

  6. I haven’t even seen the film but after hearing about it I made same comments on Dinesh post as DML that what good is it to make this film proving 2020 Election WAS ABSOLUTELY STOLEN IF not enough people have access to it? I suggested to Dinesh to reconsider providing it for FREE, such as Franklin giving the lightning Rod invention to humanity for FREE for greater good of ALL ???

  7. Maybe if the police department and all law enforcement would remember who has screamed defund the police and how the left has turned people against them they would go forward do their job legally and investigate these folks

  8. well Hillary was suppose to have won the election in 2016, HA HA she had the cartel behind her along with the big pharma! they just KNEW she had it won. the people spoke up! NOW she is in trouble, so the CARTEL HAD to get the illegals in to turn the vote in 2020! kinda funny how the Democrats couldn’t STAND the Mexican’s back in the prohibition, HAD to make the marijuana illegal along with other things. SMH! Lincoln SAVED AMERICA from the Democrats! Now we have to do it again.

  9. The thing is the there were MULTIPLE ways they cheated. This wasn’t the only way. Ballot trafficking was only ONE way they cheated. So add this fraud to the many other pieces (nursing homes in WI for example, and all the AZ chaos)

  10. I clearly remember the day wretched Nancy said “Trump will NOT be President again.” Dirty dirt bags!! This is unbelievable!! What are they going to do????

  11. BINGO!!!! Nail on the head Dennis!! The “establishment” deep state if you will doesn’t want Trump in. Didn’t want Trump in ever. This was an inside job by both Reps and Dems.

  12. Outside view…when were these nonprofits created? This is one of many methods used to steal this election. Many knew it and said so before the actual election. This is worse than a 3rd country. What a disgrace.

  13. I give DML credit for watching and giving his take on 2000 mules… It seems only he and Dan Bongino are putting it out there… Most media outlets are totally ignoring it, including Fox news, or are afraid of consequences if they even talk about it..

  14. I’ll never understand why they were celebrating winning when they were still counting votes and how Biden seemed shocked and said we won??


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