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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 90-minutes for this day, September 10.

The program today is an interview between DML and Second Amendment advocate Antonia Okafor.

We have a Constitution.  But Covid mandates powered by Joe Biden’s radical White House appear to be pushing the limits.  Antonia discusses with DML about the importance of the 2A. Will you have to defend yourself against a tyrannical Biden White House? She says the answer could be yes, and she explains why.

Communities, especially those in city areas, appear to have gone rogue by allowing criminals, gangs, and wild rioters to dominate the streets without punishment.  The conversation between DML and Okafor, who is African American, turns uncomfortable as the two conservatives debate over the core reasons that drive gun violence in black communities. DML posts legit questions and real stats, but Antonia pushes back — she prefer not answer in black and white. DML keeps the pressure on with statistics and an argument about deadbeat black fathers, and Okafor questions if the assertions made are racist in principle.

DML NEWS APP and DML does not condone violence.  But we do support self defense and the right to bear arms.




  1. I know the theme is the 2A. I understand why she got a bit defensive about grouping of race & crime. The one thing I know is the left uses that grouping and high crimes in those areas and to push their anti-gun message. If we could solve the problems Dennis addressed, then the left has no argument to take our guns.

  2. The bottom line is kids respecting the law and their parents wishes.
    Guns are supposed to be protection of the law abiding citizen.
    Where’s the failsafe?
    There’s none!
    When parents were held responsible for their kids, when the community gave a crap, the social norm was to abide by doing the right thing.
    That’s gone now. How do we get it back? By whom?
    When I grew up, mom worked but only by choice.
    Now both parents work by necessity.
    That’s the problem.
    Kids have no direction or mentoring.
    That’s the goal.


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