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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 57-minutes for this day, September 11.

The 20th anniversary of 9/11 is today. And DML changes his routine. In the past, DML would spend this day reflecting on the terror attacks and the importance of the term “Never Forget”. But he says it’s useless to do the same thing this year.

With open borders, unvetted refugees, and with the US government marking Trump voters who don’t want vaccine passports as terrorists, DML says we’ve forgotten what this country went through twenty years ago. And so he wants the podcast to focus on fixing the problems we face.

DML says he believes the 9/11 victims would prefer DML move forward with his show’s focus on promoting the truth, and exposing the lies. Therefore, on today’s show, a man named Nick joins DML. Nick has worked at Disney for 16-years. He will not take the jab even though Disney is mandating vaccines.

This podcast is about fighting back. It’s about facing today and tomorrow versus looking back. The conversation between DML and Nick is personal, it’s about vaccine mandates, a country in peril, and it is reflective of the craziness we all face.


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  1. Yes, Fight Back, stand up for your beliefs & be proud to be an American. Salute the Flag for which it stands & be the example of life, liberty & justice for all. Don’t be Coward. Stand, don’t kneel & fight for your civil liberties. This administration is destroying all people died for..We cannot let America be taken down for Votes, power, or Influx of political gain with migrants & refugees. Speak on behalf of Terrorism!

  2. It’s sickening what the joesoma obiden administration is doing! I am 60, was laid off Late 2020 due to pandemic, on unemployment but job hunting my tail off, have compromised immune system due to AML Leukemia, 10 years in remission so shot not option 4me……..I’ve got my age against me and now this BS………am college educated too!!!! This administration needs to go!!!!!!! We’ve All had ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

  3. My opinion is that is on the right track,it’s called “Control” heading toward Communism.That’s what the Dems want and will do anything to get it.

  4. Well for 20 years we let this happen We handed our young over to those who ruined them. We elected the same pathetic morons like Biden (over 47 yrs ) to continue to amass power While Republicans sat by getting rich off of what Democrats doing to us
    We let them kill over 69 million Americans and they put us on the bad side of God There are indeed repercussions for bad actions.
    Now we are still sitting and doing nothing while our election was stolen And this jerk is killing Americans up in our faces.
    Where are the real Americans? Oh they have a plan. They have filled this country with over 69 million illegals Those of Which they give things they have no rights too While our people lost their jobs from the virus that was meant to destroy us and our economy And Obama’s 359,000 and Bidens 200,000 undocumented Muslims While they continue to kill us with their fake virus which is a flu. They weaponized to kill. Their goals have always been the same Kill legal Americans Why ? Because they can’t have people who grew up as free thinking people In their utopian society
    👋To the censor who is censoring me You will die as well. Because you are not an illegal . Illegals are their new slave labor And you are not in the top 1% So pick your side quick

  5. Another great podcast today DML
    I went to Nick is like you Dennis, a very smart man. I have went through some of his articles. I watched a video there on Ivermectin. What an informative video! I think a lot of people rushed to get the jab without doing a search and learning more. I believe that there is a lot of people who think they have power and control of us. I pray we get united and do not let this happen. They say they were vaccinated, with what saline? Give the poison vaccine to the other people in the world. A lot of my friends have gotten the vaccine. None of them have been sick yet and I pray they don’t. As for me and a few of my other friends……We are still saying NO to the jab.


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