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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 1 hour 40 minutes for this Sunday, Sept. 12.

DML responds to listener emails, and so many of them focus on the resistance to getting jabbed.

At the end of the show DML plays a new song sent in from the recording artist who produced it, his name is Norman. It’s called Make America Great Again, and DML just loves it to death.


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  1. I am wondering if there is a way to find out if people pushing the jab

    weather they have been vaccinated for Covid 19

    For instance

    Rachel walensky

  2. Dennis, I love your news podcasts & look forward to them daily. I want to just comment on Amy’s email that you read about the family breakdown, I have been saying this for a very long time & I couldn’t agree more….

    While I have no issues with LGBT, it’s just weird IMO…and I do see a lot of couples who just give up too easy more & more…….It’s as if people just started quitting because it’s easier…anyway as always, excellent podcast!!!!!!

    Oh and by the way, I think you’re perfect just the way you are in your delivery of news & I don’t think you should listen to Cindy or anyone else for that matter, that’s part of the problem today, people wanting to put their 2 cents in where it don’t belong

  3. Dennis, The “vaccine” is not a vaccine, it is an experimental injectable which has caused many deaths and injuries that are being hidden from the public. You honestly need to do the research to learn what is truly happening with this injection and what it is comprised of. If this guy takes the jab, he may end up too sick to hold onto his job anyway. Watch Critically Thinking on Rumble. These Dr’s have quite a bit of info on the jab, as well as Stew Peters who has had whistleblowers testify to the toxicity of this injection. It’s not about not taking it because we don’t want to be pressured, it’s because our health cannot be gambled with, nor can we take the risk of losing of being permanently damaged. There is no recourse! Big Pharm is covered, but we are not.

  4. Hi Dennis, I am new to this but not to your site nor your products nor your news broadcasts. I Listen all the time. I am just another of those 84 yr old ladies that have been blessed to live this long and want to continue. I am well and don’t want to get sick by taking a vac that I do not need. Now my main reason for writing you is to ask a question I haven’t seen and it bothers me. Maybe you can help me out. If the taxpayers can pay for abortions for women why can’t it be for vasectomies as well for men. It hurts, oh dear!! Seems to me the problem would be solved. When the man is responsible enough to want children or a family then he can have the surgery reversed. Please help me out here or am I in left field?

  5. Hey DML!!
    THE SONG WAS FANTASTIC!! I had chills!! Loved the words, the music & that guy can really sing great!! I hope he records it!!!

  6. First, Thank You for all you n your peeps are researching n reporting to Americans and the outstanding interviews. The retired Lt. Colonel Tony Schaefer was amazing n so informative. Dennis, this entire takedown of the US is over power, money and population control/extinction. I agree the virus is real but was concocted to be much worse by Fauci and Gates and associates. I honestly think the only way to get this back under control is thru private tactical tack down and in a highly confidential manner. Honesty is getting no one anywhere in the corrupt system. We the people have no leader for the good of our people. Most Americans will shy away from violence. If we are headed to defend our freedom, then let’s do it for our children n Grandchildren ASAP. We will never make 3 more years with these thieves in DC. Obama (Joe’s Puppet) (Kennedy’s dying wish) was the worst ever to rob the American Financial System. He is no symbol of American to me. A nuclear war is on the horizon and we all know that should it happen it is the end including them. I hope someone with integrity and intelligence manages to fix this terrible state of the world.


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