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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 1 hour for this Monday, Sep 13.

DML interviews Steve Petty, a Certified Industrial Hygienist who’s specialty these days is waging war against mask mandates. His strategy is simple, explain the science of exposure.

Petty, who’s testimony was instrumental is getting Kentucky to reverse its mask mandates, explains in the most simple of terms that masks do not work as the CDC describes. Masks do not prevent the spread of Covid, and it will not protect against catching Covid.

Petty’s argument, which is based completely on science and visual proof, is working with parents and lawyers who are fighting school districts over the ridiculous mask mandates imposed on children.

Petty is near impossible to argue against, and he’s a hidden gem in the fight for parental rights when it comes to the masking issue.

Prior to his interview with Petty, DML reads an op-ed from a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  The eye-opening op-ed, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on July 17, reminds us all of the CDC’s continuous mistakes and misleading use of data.

This must listen podcast is both enlightening and troubling, and a resource for all parents to consider.


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  1. He talks about the obese or a child with comorbidities. What the left will say “those are the kids we are protecting” even though the percentages are super small. Same with adults .. the 1 person that cant take the jab .. we all have to wear masks and jab for them… its all so stupid.

  2. My friend I want to assure you that your efforts are not in vain…in fact we are launching a Stephen Petty wave as you read this comment! Keep up the great work DML!

  3. Excellent podcast its terrific to hear from a REAL expert and the way he illustrates the Re breathing of debris from masks its like wearibg an infected Petri dish on our faces as we try to breathe !! Great job here !!

  4. He is the ultimate expert in this field! Michigan has two lovely ladies who are in his field that have stomping the ground for us! More of them need to step up!


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