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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 1 hour, 13 minutes for this day, Sep 14.

DML believes the masks and virtual learning are destroying our children.  To bring this to light, DML interviews Dr. Nick Kardaras (Dr K), a highly-respected psychologist who is the best selling author of the book GLOW KIDS.

Dr K is often seen making appearances on CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR and 20/20 to name a few. He gives talks all over the world, and appears in DML’s film ‘The United States of Tents’, which is available on Amazon Prime and the DML NEWS APP.  He also appears in a film being produced by DML about school shootings and what triggers kids to go insane and turn violent.

Dr. K operates three addiction clinics in the US (Hawaii, Texas, NY), and was a professor at Stony Brook Medical Center, one of Long Island’s leading health systems.  According to DML, Dr K is the best of the best when speaking about the damage done to our kids in unhealthy environments like those we are currently experiencing.

Dr. K explains to DML, in haunting detail, the damage done to our children when forced to wear masks in school, and when subjected to virtual learning at home. The damage done to our kids both long and short term is earth shattering. This podcast is a must listen for every parent, grandparent, teacher, and school official.  Forward and share it with everyone you know.


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  1. They ready know this but they are milking tax payers via big pharma and mask maker [3M et al.] Share holdings. They care nothing for ‘We The People’ as long as se carry on paying taxes.

    • Yes and it is all about power, money, forced compliance…they do not care about anyone at all least of all the children and the horrible long-term effects of all this BS.

  2. It’s so eerie. These mandates are systematically and feels purposefully to weaken America. I thought that during the last school year. I had to do virtual school with my grandson. I was thinking at the time- this is the perfect way to ensure America gets weaker-keep the youth in turmoil. It was stressful and he was kindergarten- he didn’t learn anything except to feel frustrated. It was a waste of time which is something you can never retrieve

    • Wholeheartedly agree. The level of frustration I see is unbearable. My 5yr old grandaughter is full of anxiety and fear. It’s horrible to watch. Nightmares of getting ”gunned” or the bad man…
      Cries cuz can’t play w/friends or see family. Gut wrenching. Constant whining and angry. 😰

  3. I agree with SC and Come On. We all know where this is headed. They will have accomplished their mission by the time the Biden/Harris term is up as we sit here and do nothing. That’s the way things are meant to be. We were warned a long time ago this day would come. Have faith.

  4. They have been dummying down our kids for years. We taught our kids to think for themselves and to look up stuff. They don’t want that!

  5. That is the lowest thing that anyone could do, is take advantage of the kids. If this all turns out to be a farce, and we know much of it is. These people will get their reward in hell. Scum bags destroying little ones, and the kids don’t even know or understand what is happening.
    God knows who you are, not fooling him. For these poor kindergarten and grade one kids that are supposed to have a good experience starting school, and they don’t know any different cause they have never been to school without a diaper on their face. How are they supposed to build a strong immune system, when these vultures are taking it away from them.
    All the corrupt responsible know who we are talking about. POS losers.

  6. One of the best of the best podcasts… If that makes sense!
    Today’s podcast touched on all aspects of what we’re dealing with today. I truly believe the radical agenda driven left know exactly what they’re doing and simply ignore what they know as the truth which does not help their goal to fundamentally change America. Frustrating!
    We have to strip away their power by removing them from leadership and educate/convince those who will conform resulting in the loss of our freedoms. This has to end before we do!
    An excellent, interesting and informative podcast.
    I’m so looking forward to future DML interviews that would include Dr. Kardaras.
    Thank you both!

  7. I think it is unfair to say that virtual learning is always damaging to all kids. It’s what they are teaching them that is the problem, And the isolation. If the parents park their kids in front of a “class” without monitoring what is going on, the outcome will be very poor. But homeschoolers have used the internet for decades and some are even connected to a virtual school with teachers. We were teaching 24/7. We had to find ways for our kids to interact, and we formed coops and groups of other homeschooling kids. And of course, there were neighborhood kids, and church, and dance lessons and other group activities.. But there were no masks. No CRT. No Drag Queen storytime. Nobody asking your boys monthly if they “still think they are boys.” My kids had what my daughter describes as a “world class” elementary education. Take them out of school. You’ll be amazed how.they thrive.

  8. I just recently stumbled on to YOU! I’m so very much intrigued! and will continue to follow you! My question tho is why don’t masks work? and what ARE we supposed to do to NOT get this CV? I WILL NOT get the ‘jab’ – not ever! Many thanks!

  9. Its nothing more than a game our health and safety is not thier concern what it is is the. DE humanization of people . Using this as a tool for fear and control as we are seeing the HAVES are fine but the HAVE NOTS have to obey . We have to get out from under this giant thumb or we are doomed.

  10. This all makes one wonder how many more “conspiracy theories” were actually on track all along, doesn’t it? I can’t say that all of them are, but dag! How long have our lives been under spells and control?

  11. It’s called Transhumanism…the next evolution of humans and machine/robots..the “Borg”..they are prepping our children for the next industrial evolution..this mRNA is a genetic decoding of the gene pool..Elon Musk has an interview saying they have the ability to turn our DNA into a butterfly..anything! So just as was happening in the days of Noah with the hybrids=giant(Fallen Angel’s DNA mixed wuth the “daughters of men” in Genesis chapter 6, hybrid breed creating Nephilim= the offspring, they are doing the same thing today…it’s the very reason why God had to scrap the human race! An attempt to ruin the bloodline of Christ! We are Creations of God! Noah’s bloodline or pedigree did not mingled with the Fallen Ones. And God has chained , and put those Fallen Ones into the Abyss until judgement on the earth..thats why he flooded the earth, and Satan’s bloodline is up to his same old trick…to ruin humanity or God’s precious creation

  12. They have the ability to coat the mRNA with a liquid metal, and it’s nanotechnology…it’s a bioluminescence taken from the fire fly ..ysually glows yellow,, but they manipulate it to glow red or green, and the technology is used in medical imaging and military night vision goggles…so special cameras can pick up on it…so they’re essentially “lighting people up…this hooks onto the red blood cells, and goes through the blood system, and the person becomes traceable and trackable through the 5G…notice all the towers that were erected during the shut down, and everyone became ” traceable” through their phones? Imagine that nano tech being put in a human body, and becoming traceable…this is no vaccine, and they are reporting the side effects..why do you think they tell you not to get an MRI after you get the vaccine?! Because of metals in the blood

  13. Look how they gate our children? Abortion/ Planned Parenthood, and harvesting> Transgender/ legalization of Pedophilia…Canada has legalized Beastiality, and 12 yo age..our Governor just vetoed 2 to allow a 14 yo to have sex with a 4 yo, and another veto of a bill that if a Police Officer stopped a car for speeding, and discovered a body tied up in the trunk for sex trafficking, he can only address the speeding ticket, and has to ignore the woman in the trunk? WHO are these people? You’d be shocked! They hate our children


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